transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-gutta-percha-bodyGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will continue speaking about light crystalline human body synchronization with its subtle sense organs.

This time we will focus on the second chakra and the etheric body.

In order to make them synchronized with each other you should involve all your imagination since the etheric body is an exact matrix of your physical body.

Meanwhile the molecules your physical body consists of are getting transformed turning into crystals, your etheric body will not only “mirror” the physical one but will also assume the function of rendering it flexible.

In other words, it is the etheric body, being the densest of all the subtle bodies, that will respond to your mental impulses and shape your new subtle material body in accordance with the images your create by your imagination.

This is what its new function will be.

To put it in words of the third dimension world person it can be said that the etheric body of the Fifth dimension will make your physical body flexible and “jelly-like” projecting outside the inner changes of its structure.

Thus, the second chakra and the etheric body will assume the function of dense matter transformer that turns it into subtle one, which will result in the formation of a new SUBTLE MATERIAL BODY.

Since the process is rather difficult to describe with words, try, my dear ones, to feel it doing the following practice.

Let us call it “Gutta-percha body”.

Having invoked all your Heavenly patrons reach a meditative state, breathe deeply for some time and try to perceive your etheric body to a full extent.

It will show itself as a warm contour around your physical body, as some kind of halo…

It is closely attached to the physical body…

It can be compared to a diving suit that becomes another “skin” for a person who is going to submerge under water…

Having clearly perceived your etheric body try to imagine it being soft, flexible, shaky like jelly…

It starts penetrating into your physical body conveying its qualities to it…

Next, imagine your new subtle material body the way you would like it to be but, of course, within reasonable limits – just slightly improving its defects…

You can work at muscles in this or that part of your body, smooth out your skin or straighten your spinal column returning flexibility to your joints…

Feel this new “gutta-percha” body responding your mental impulses so readily…

Feel the parts of the body you pay attention to are getting filled with warmth…

Remain in the meditation as long as possible in order to consolidate the results of your influence and to let crystal particles do their job…

But do not expect everything will become physically apparent immediately, my dear ones.

Treat everything calmly with no excess enthusiasm but with a firm belief that your body transformation process triggered by you will gain in scope with every single day.

Repeat this meditation as often as possible.

Help your body do the hard job on revival to acquire a new Divine condition.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 31, 2019.

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