LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Different collective consciences influence on climate change on Earth)

life-on-new-earth-different-collective-consciences-influence-on-climate-change-on-earthGreetings, my dear beloved children!

So, having taken a look into all the twists and turns of different civilizations’ collective consciences interaction and their influence on the souls belonging to them, it is eventually possible to talk about their impact on climate change on Earth, which was just what we started this talk with.

Though we focused only on the collective consciences most significant for your planet, I hope you have understood the tendency of their evolution or, on the contrary, involution as a result of their mutual influence, as well as a result of influence on them made by the new high vibration energies arriving at Earth now.

Just as collective consciences of different civilizations interact with each other, so they do in respect of collective consciences of natural elements.

Yet, it is expressed in a different way.

Collective human conscience fills each of them with Love and Gratitude since a pure human soul being in the country and enjoying the beauty of nature merges in terms of vibrations with each of its element.

One literally gets lost in them feeling one’s Unity with them.

Each of you is likely to remember the blessed moments of your life when you were walking bare-footed on the grass or sea shore, when you dipped into its tender water, when you were lying in the sun so nice or enjoyed a light breeze on a hot summer day.

It took your breath away to watch unbelievably beautiful Divine landscapes and ever-changing clouds floating in the sky.

This way you merged with the fifth element, too – the element of Love that filled all your being, but at the same time you shared your Love with each of natural elements as well.

Many of you have already learnt to interact with them and made sure that they repay love with love, gratitude with gratitude…

This is how energy interchange between collective human conscience and collective consciences of natural elements occurs.

And imagine what impact can be produced on natural elements by collective reptiloid conscience who cannot love, be thankful, sympathetic, feel or see beauty…

In respect of nature and, consequently, of all natural elements their attitude is merely exploitative: to take giving nothing in return – neither physically, nor in terms of energy.

It is their barbaric treatment of your planet that caused the response of all its elements, which shows in natural cataclysms all over the world.

This is also collective consciences interaction but with a negative sign.

As far as the Orions are concerned, most of them are quite indifferent to natural gifts and beauty, and nature is rather an object to study for them than to admire or be thankful to.

Therefore, their collective conscience influence on collective consciences of natural elements comes to the fact that they take their components as research material for their scientific investigations.

Their cold mind and practical approach to life prevent them from feeling all the charm of this Divine creation and feeling that each of natural elements is a living being that possesses its conscience and Soul.

It is to be realized to a full degree by man only.

That is why on the new Earth of the Fifth dimension to coexist with collective consciences of natural elements it is possible only for collective human conscience that is at the same vibration wave with them.

And now, when Earth’s Transition to a new level of her existence is entering its final stage, constantly increasing their vibrations collective human and all natural elements consciences are also advancing to a new level along with her.

It is their harmonious and balanced coexistence that will lead to the climate of the Fifth dimension Earth becoming as harmonious and balanced.

And it will happen quite fast – within just several decades.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on January 6, 2021.

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