reptiloids-and-clones-clonesGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Now when you have a clear understanding of what reptiloids are and in what way they differ from humans I would like to cover one more topic connected with their evil deeds on Earth.

This time we are going to discuss gene-modified creatures that appear in hundreds of thousands on your planet.

To produce them reptiloids got the best human minds and the cutting-edge technologies in service.

Let’s consider what gene-modified “humans” are.

To cut a long story short, they are biorobots or clones, as they are often called.

Reptiloids are the only ones capable of getting such an appalling idea as that of cloning human beings, which is making creatures lacking a Divine particle that is any human’s essence, their Soul, their most precious treasure.

Your mass media present cloning as a scientific breakthrough being tested but in reality it was turned into flow production long ago in numerous laboratories of reptiloids in different corners of the planet.

This is how it is carried out in practice.

Method 1.

Since reptiloids are numerous in medicine, the field they penetrated persistently and systematically so as to influence humans by all means available, high caste reptiloids have managed to introduce their protégés into the field and they have got access to frozen ovules that are widely used nowadays all over the world for artificial impregnation.

They modify an ovule’s gene to make it comply with the programme of this creature’s conscience subordination to their “masters” and after that they embed the ovule into a reptiloid woman’s body.

Why does it have to be a reptiloid woman?

A fetus like this  won’t “take root” in a human and will be rejected as an alien object in terms of energy, yet they are working to solve this problem as well.

Moreover, only reptiloids can bring up a clone in a way “appropriate” for them and get them connected to their programme in addition to the one “installed” in a clone initially.

What is the aim they pursue?

Before all, it is ptoducing slaves in a pure form.

Whereas human conscience and even half-humans and half-reptiloids conscience control causes the high caste reptiloids a lot of problems as a Divine particle inside any human shows itself preventing reptiloids from total control of human conscience, clones are dolls to control to a full extent in one’s own way installing the programmes to one’s liking.

For reptiloids it is essential nowadays as with rising vibration frequency of humans they are losing control over them more and more and they have to find new servants and new nourishment sources.

Reptiloids have worked out a clear-cut scheme of clone distribution all around the globe introducing them IN EACH AND EVERY COUNTRY IN EACH AND EVERY LIFE SPHERE OF SOCIETY.

These creatures can have an attractive appearance as their “parents” have learnt to give them perfect looks which are rare among humans.

It is these perfect looks with no drawbacks that make it easy to identify them. In this sense reptiloids “have overdone it”: it is difficult for them to compete with natural diversity and its easy beauty.

Their clones are standard and doll-like and many people intuitively feel this lack of soul and artificiality that they can’t even explain to themselves.

What are the programmes reptiloids install on clones?

Just the same they initially had themselves but in a more concentrated form as they feel that they are losing their ground with the rising vibration frequency of Earth and it is getting harder and harder to keep human conscience within duality frames, which results in energy deficiency for reptiloids.

Therefore, clones are products and at the same time extension of their creators and the programmes they have installed depend on the hierarchy level of reptiloids they are introduced to.

Lower caste reptiloids’ clones are used as cheap labour while high caste reptiloids’ ones are designed to impose on humans artificial and alien for them values – in appearance, fashion and life style.

It is them who provoke humans to resort to plastic surgery in an attempt to impersonalize them and make humans look like one of their own.

It is them who have taken over the world of fashion and force people to hunt after certain makes of clothes, cars, watches, jewellery, etc.

It is them who advertise “prettied up” life style making people meet certain standards in everything and prove this way their validity and success.

As a matter of fact, the one and only aim of clones creation is to prevent people from thinking about spirituality, life sense and their true mission and to mislead their thoughts and emotions into the direction beneficial for reptiloids.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly Father – Absolute spoke to you.

Channeled by Marta on December 29, 2018

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