REPTILOIDS AND CLONES (Deliverance from reptiloid soul)

reptiloids-and-clones-deliverance-from-reptiloid-soulGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we have reached the most important point: we are going to speak about ways of deliverance from reptiloid presence in a human body where a pure Divine Soul neighbours a reptiloid one.

What are conditions necessary for that to happen?

Certainly, it can be carried out if a human being is fully aware of it.

Since Earth and human vibration frequencies are increasing dramatically, it is before long that humans will be able to see reptiloids hiding in human bodies.

It will resemble the picture developed on photographic paper when submerged in a special solution.

The same way reptiloid souls finding themselves in high frequency vibrations irradiated by humans will show themselves at the physical level.

This is the reason why I tell you in details about these creatures so that their presence in your life will not cause any fear in you.

You should accept them as unavoidable neighbours and treat them the way that can’t bring any harm to you and to them.

As you have already understood, “ordinary” reptiloids are hostages hold by their hierarchs who make use of them “blindly” and the sufferings they cause humans are not their own ill will but a programme all the reptiloids are connected to and they can’t get rid of it on their own.

But a human who has two souls as fate willed has all the opportunities to change the situation in favour of their human Divine Soul.

Advancing in spiritual development and therefore raising their vibration frequency humans can evict the reptiloid from their body as they simply can’t exist in high vibrations alien to them.

The following thing happens to the evicted reptiloid soul in this case.

For some time it remains nearby its usual physical medium making the most of every opportunity to reduce the human’s vibration frequency so as to get back into their body.

They are assisted by some astral beings creating the life circumstances to provoke low vibration frequency thoughts, emotions and actions.

So, if they manage to drag the human back into the 3D world the reptiloid soul will get a chance to return into its usual body.

If they don’t, they set off to search for a new physical medium.

Sometimes it gets into a dying pureblooded reptiloid whose soul has already left and revives them in a “miracle” way.

More often it goes where all reptiloid souls find themselves after their death: either in the astral world to wait for a chance to embody on Earth, which is typical of ordinary reptiloids, or to the terrestrial space of the Dragons’ planet, which concerns reptiloid souls that have already moved to the high hierarchy level. Then these souls will be able to embody on their native planet.

As you see, my dear ones, human-reptiloids have an opportunity to gain the only pure Divine Soul and everything depends on their desire – their free will.

These days a lot of people have managed to “defeat the Dragon in themselves” and the number of them will be increasing with every single year.

This process is especially rapid in case of children born from a reptiloid and a human who after birth find themselves in high frequency vibrations of new Earth that enable their pure souls to get rid of the unwelcome neighbours in the shortest possible time.

My dear ones, please, don’t be afraid if you find such a soul in yourself.

Keep on moving towards your target surely and calmly maintaining a harmonious state, which also means high frequency vibrations that will gradually force the unwanted lodger out.

I bless you and deeply love you!

Father – Absolute spoke to you.

Channeled by Marta on December 28, 2018

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