THE WORLD OF ASTRAL (Medium sublevel of upper astral)

the-world-of-astral-medium-sublevel-of-upper-astralGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will pass over to the next sublevel of the upper astral level – the “medium” one.

As you have already understood from my previous messages there are no clearly established borders between all the sublevels and levels because astral beings, just like people, pass through different development stages and constantly move from one level to another.

Still, the upper astral medium sublevel can be identified as that of quite highly developed spirituality and its inhabitants truly believe they can do a lot of good to the human beings.

What is their belief based on?

First of all, it is based on the fact that they are good at the issue of the Ascension that is much spoken about both at the subtle and dense levels of Earth.

And now they are busy with finding “channels” to share their knowledge with people being embodied.

It is these astral beings who dictate messages to the overwhelming majority of the channelers with quite high vibration frequency.

Unlike the lower astral beings’ energy, negative component is not typical of their energy but their messages are rather useless though.

This is just the case when people don’t gain any new or useful knowledge.

The astral beings of this level simply don’t have it.

They are capable of repeating over and over again the things known to everybody and the messages they dictate differ only in terms of emotions and energy saturation which depends on the personal traits of the people channeling them.

If the channeler is pure enough to maintain rather high vibration frequency you will feel this sort of messages vibrating at your fifth chakra that is the limit for this sublevel’s inhabitants.

Besides “experts” on the Ascension who are good at esoteric issues this sublevel is also inhabited by some astral representatives of “narrow speciality” in a variety of spheres of your life.

Being fragments of well-educated and intelligent humans’ souls that couldn’t rejoin their Soul for this or that reason they try to carry on their activity at the subtle level as well.

As soon as this is somewhat advanced sublevel they can often get access to the database of the Universe and get new knowledge in the field of science or art they were concerned in during their previous embodiment.

So, feeling eager to contribute to the well-known sphere they seek for specialists to “through in” new ideas and projects.

It is them who make scientists getting enlightened possible.

It is them who initiate flash of inspiration in creative people filling them with creativity energy.

It is them who assist doctors and healers.

In other words, it is the astral beings of this sublevel who give mental signs and clues to those in search of within their professional areas because they inhabit the sublevel with “speciality” egregors that they are attracted to according to their interests.

Therefore, as far as your professional and real-life issues are concerned, the inhabitants of the medium sublevel of the upper astral can be of great value to you.

Here we will stop for today.

Father – Absolute, who loves you without measures, has spoken to you.

Channeled by Marta on June 19, 2018

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