LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Different collective consciences interaction results)

life-on-new-earth-different-collective-consciences-interaction-resultsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

As a follow-up to my previous message about collective consciences interaction today I would like to look into some details of this interaction.

As you already know, the planet of Earth is unique because for millennia there have been made experiments on crossbreeding of many races and civilizations on it.

And it happened not only at the genetic level but also at the energy, psychological and mental ones.

Thereby, collective conscience of each civilization has been augmented with new elements – both positive, and negative.

Which of them can be classified as positive aspects of such interaction?

Before all, those of them that could bring certain civilization’s collective conscience to a balance, that is, introduce the elements that could help it become harmonious and prevent distortions in this or that sphere.

Let us consider it referring to the example of collective human conscience.

Having put aside reptiloid programmes all of which lead to involution of human soul, we will focus on the Orion’s civilizations’ influence on man, the ones that settled firmly on Earth long ago and have been most influential on collective human conscience.

Along with reptiloids embodied as humans, these civilizations’ representatives often got up the power pyramid, as well as achieved success in many spheres of life, which was facilitated by their inborn qualities and their civilizations’ development targets, the main of them being strive for self-development, self-assertion and control over people.

And while self-development can rather be identified as positive qualities, overrated Ego and desire to submit others’ will could not be rated the same.

Unfortunately, in case of the Orions, the strive for self-development is of one-sided character since its main purpose is to attain success in society and feel superiority over others.

Well, what has man and collective human conscience gained thanks to such neighbourhood?

Humans having such an example before their eyes became eager to learn, too, the aim of this knowledge realization was different, though.

All scientific discoveries and investigations of man were based on the desire to share them with others to make their life better, render it jolly and simplify everyday work.

First of all, while making discoveries a human being meant them to be made FOR PEOPLE, not for themselves: for OTHERS’ good, not for their own self-assertion or material wealth.

This is the main difference between a human being and an Orion.

Thus, having gained something useful from another civilization, man still remains man.

I think, it is a good example to show how one collective conscience gets augmented due to another one.

What about collective orion conscience? Can it gain anything useful for itself having interacted with collective human conscience for millennia?

Yes, it can. But it follows the path that cannot be called virtuous.

The Orions are trying to advance to another level of spiritual development using man as a tool for achieving their goals.

We have already spoken a lot about shamans, witches and wizards who use various potions, “magic” beverages, smoking drugs and other supplementary methods for communication with the subtle level.

Taking advantage of pure human souls and promising them “benefits” as good health and prosperity, they hold their magician rituals using people’s souls and bodies and trying to “inflame” the Divine spark that is hardly glimmering in their own souls.

For justice’s sake it should be noted that a lot of shamans do this unintentionally being sacredly sure they are doing good.

But as a matter of fact, this is how collective orion conscience tries to “enrich itself” spiritually at human expense.

And it would be all right but for ONE PROBLEM.

They use man “blindly” thereby violating the Law of the Free Will as they hold their rituals by means of astral beings and psychotropic preparations banefully influencing human conscience and introducing irreversible changes of spiritual character into them.

In other words, they try to acquire spirituality depriving man of it or, at best, reducing it.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on January 5, 2021.

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