LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Psychological peculiarities and development targets of different collective consciences)

life-on-new-earth-psychological-peculiarities-and-development-targets-of-different-collective-consciencesGreetings, my dear beloved children!

So as to round up with the issue of collective consciences that influence your planet and its inhabitants, I will explain to you how they interact with each other.

Unlike two souls incarnated in physical bodies, collective consciences of different civilizations do not counteract each other openly.

And it is explained by the fact that each of them solves its own problems that, as a rule, do not intersect and most often even have contradicting aims.

Collective consciences can be compared with egregors concentrating either some specific kind of energy, or specific ideas and tasks.

But, unlike particular-oriented egregors, they combine the former and the latter being some kind of an energy and information “complex”.

In other words, collective conscience of this or that civilization is a totality of the energies typical of this civilization, its representatives’ psychological peculiarities and targets of their development.

And now let us consider in detail each of the components taking as an example collective consciences of humanity, reptiloids and the Orions who represent most numerous groups on your planet.

Well, the highest vibrations are typical of collective human conscience because due to the fact of every person being a particle of the Creator they from birth possess Divine potential and, consequently, feature positive energies.

The lowest in terms of vibrations is collective conscience of reptiloids who were created only to generate and provoke others to generate low vibration energies.

Collective conscience of the Orions is somewhere in between as their representatives feature practical approach to life to the detriment of its spiritual component.

As far as psychological peculiarities of each of the groups are concerned, they vary greatly, too.

A pure human soul is characterized by the feelings of Love and Sympathy, unlike reptiloids who cannot feel these emotions because of their origin.

As for the Orions, they cannot cross a certain line separating the material world from the spiritual one since their Divine principle is in embryo so far.

Well, what are the targets for each of the groups’ development?

For humanity in its pure form the main target has always been spiritual development that each Soul strives for while getting incarnated in physical bodies over and over again, overcoming hardships, pain and sorrow thereby strengthening its Spirit and advancing to a new level of conscience.

For reptiloids there is no development as such as they are simply executors of their masters’ will providing them with “food’ – low vibration energies of all kinds.

It can also be said that their “development” runs the course of involution – total moral lapse.

While the target for the Orions’ development is by means of intellectual and technical superiority to self-assert and subordinate other races and civilizations.

We have looked into most wide-spread and, consequently, most influential collective consciences existing on your planet.

And now you can trace using your own life and lives of your relatives and friends, colleagues and acquaintances as examples how these energies intersect and intermingle with each other, as well as the psychological peculiarities and development strategies of the three collective consciences.

And such processes are inevitable since there intersect and intermingle all the planet’s inhabitants establishing different relations between each other: family, companion, professional.

Being in a single energy space, they unintentionally influence each other and, consequently, their collective consciences, introducing some alien elements to them – energy, psychological and mental.

And now the time has come for human collective conscience to get purified from everything alien, low vibration and not Divine, which has become the barest necessity and main criterion for most prompt pure human souls’ Transition to a new reality.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on January 4, 2021.

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