main-protection-from-virus-is-your-pure-conscienceGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I have to return to the topic of the quarantine again since I see that some of you have unintentionally given way to the feelings overwhelming people in some of the countries.

Of course, a lot depends on the overall energy profile of the country you live in.

And, as a rule, the more “civilized” a country is, the less free its citizens’ conscience is.

Why does this happen, and why do I put the word “civilized” in inverted commas?

The only reason is that this is the well-to-do countries with high standards of living where spirituality shows itself less of all.

Their citizens’ mind is set exceptionally on well-being that is raised to the level of success and prosperity.

In such countries people have a lot to lose therefore they will be striving to maintain their usual way of life and will do anything announced by the government hoping this way to get guarantees of their stability.

In less developed countries people preserve more inner freedom because they, unlike the rich, have nothing to lose.

Not trusting their government that has failed to provide them with appropriate life conditions they are used to listening to themselves and making their decisions independently.

Such people are less susceptible to fear and panic just due to the fact that they are not characterized by the herd feeling and standard behaviour that are, as a rule, based on the artificial life standards imposed on humans.

Consequently, “civilized” people are much easier to rule instilling into their conscience new behaviour standards and patterns, the ones meeting the present-day requirements of the hidden government.

I certainly do not call you, my dear, to totally ignore authority guidance and safety rules connected with the virus that is spread all over the world now.

But there should be some reasonable principle in anything.

The main rule you should stick to is to keep your conscience pure maintaining your vibrations by this at the level out of reach of the virus.

This is what is going to be your prime protective measure.

And the second thing.

Under no circumstances should you attempt the mass media provocations that artificially exaggerate the danger in order to sustain panic among the population.

Limit yourself to getting the information of practical significance ignoring all the “details” that have to do with the coronavirus.

Not only will you save yourself from the flood of negative energies but you will not imbue the situation with your fears, doubts and reasoning either, which can only make it even more worsened.

Stay at the moment of “here and now” taking the advantage of the time offered to you for your Soul, which is barest necessity for you now.

Show yourself and others that whatever hardships you can take them calmly and wisely keeping your self-esteem and harmony in your Soul.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on March 31, 2020.

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