LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Semantic component of telepathic communication)

life-on-new-earth-semantic-component-of-telepathic-communicationGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will go on talking about principles of telepathic communication and focus on its semantic component.

Since telepathic communication takes place in higher dimensions, with no energy of separation being present, its semantic component conveys quite a different meaning.

While in the dual world during communication one most often tries to assert oneself, which is often concealed even behind “right” or nice words of sympathy or encouragement, in the unipolar world with the energy of Unity reigning, people try to be complementary to one another.

So far it is hard for you, my dear, to imagine life space without any judgement or assessment of a person that, as a rule, are based on comparison with you yourself, that is, result from your personal experience.

This is what a dual person is, and it is instilled into their subconscience now.

Why does this happen?

The only reason is that in the third dimension world one is guided by one’s Mind and Ego helping one win a place in the sun.

In the unipolar world of the Fifth dimension one feels safe and secure basking in the native energies of Love and Light.

One does not have to prove anything to anybody any more, win anything over or assert oneself at others’ expense.

Therefore, here Soul takes over Ego, creativity and self-expression take over Mind and it is directed towards the inside world of a person, not to the outer one.

What does it mean?

Soul as the Divine substance of a person directs one’s life being guided by intuition only, not by consideration of Mind, as a rule, initiated by Ego.

Consequently, Mind starts functioning not as a tool for self-assertion or survival but as a compass showing the way to the main aim of one’s life – complete realization in the sphere one can express oneself in the most fulfilling way.

In other words, one’s Mind gets realigned for INNER side of life this time – self-cognition and self-perfection.

For this purpose one is provided with numerous tools for self-realization, that is, Universe “library” that keeps information about any issue one is interested in and generalized experience of numerous planets’ and civilizations’ inhabitants.

You can ask me: “So, what is the sense of communication between people of the unipolar world if everyone is in a world by oneself and involved in one’s favourite occupation?”

It is mainly in sharing the joy of existence with each other and enjoying one another’s creations.

Because any creative activity implies GIVING AS A GIFT the things one puts all one’s heart and Soul into, as well as skills, be it science, art, literature or any craft – the things made with Love and full devotion.

And it is quite possible to enjoy each other’s creations without words simply sending another person your Love, joy, approval, admiration, thereby inspiring them for new achievements.

Remember the recent practice of sending impulse of Love and Gratitude by means of words and by means of energy.

I think, you understood the difference very well and perceived the energy strength of sincere impulse of Love to another person.

Well, this is exactly what the semantic component of telepathic communication is.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on May 17, 2020.

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