LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Energy principles of telepathic communication)

life-on-new-earth-energy-principles-of-telepathic-communicationGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I will tell you about twists and turns of telepathic communication of the Fifth dimension’s inhabitants that is radically different from the well-established communication between the people of the third dimension.

The very basis of it features absolutely different principles, both energy and semantic.

So, what are energy principles of communication?

First of all, what is meant is, of course, energy that one imbues one’s thoughts, emotions, words, gestures and actions with.

And of the major importance is the initial impulse – a “starting device” that makes all this chain of actions, both external and internal, “charged” this or that way in terms of energy.

Well, while in the dual world one is exposed to all the passions of this world that are constantly sustained not only by people around and the mass media but by astral beings as well who feel at home in the third dimension energy space, in the unipolar world all these provocative irritants are absent.

And, consequently, the “starting device” of all human actions is the energy of Unconditional Love.

As a result, in the dual world one mostly GIVES one’s energy wasting it right and left, while in the unipolar world one REMAINS WHOLE interacting with other people at the single high vibration wave of Love and Gratitude energy.

It is at this SIINGLE vibration frequency that communication between people occurs in the Fifth dimension.

So, when people are, for example, in the space of the fourth dimension this pure channel “lapses” from time to time because not everybody manages to keep their “receiver” “tuned” on to the single high vibration frequency.

As long as one is in between the two worlds, depending on the psychic (energy) condition one finds oneself in at a particular moment, one is susceptible to the influence of now this, now that of the worlds.

And all of you have already experienced it yourself.

Remember the different attitude you view one and the same situation being irritated and aggressive or in a calm and balanced condition.

When you are disharmonious you unintentionally invite into your energy space the energies as disharmonious and they start their destructive activity rendering negative your thoughts and emotions.

Then the latter getting outside as words and actions make the low vibration energies chain longer and stronger infecting the people around you.

While if you are in a harmonious condition, your energy space remains out of reach of negative energies.

What is more, your own high vibration field emits the energy of Love into the world thereby not only strengthening your own protective shield but overflowing outside and dissolving other people’s negative energies cleansing their energy space as well.

Therefore, you also trigger an energy chain but of quite a different quality – pure, light and creative.

It is this principle that is the basis of communication between people in the space of the Fifth dimension: unceasing enrichment of each other with the Divine energy of Unconditional Love that highlights all the best traits of a person and their creative potential.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on May 16, 2020.

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