life-on-new-earth-callingGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Now, when I have described the outlines of the social system on the Earth of the Fifth dimension, we can move on to the next topic.

And we will talk about how you can understand your calling so that your life gets a full-fledged creative component.

Why have I initiated this talk just now when many of you have to survive in difficult conditions of the third dimension world and, moreover, to experience pressure from your close people to whom you seem light-headed dreamers?

Of course, it is not accidental.

Since Transition to a new dimension will happen not in one minute, you have a chance to get ready for it both in terms of energy, and in terms of creativity.

What does this preparation include?

Before all, your being aware of your mission.

Many of you are likely to do their favourite things now and in this case you will just have to switch it over to a new course taking into consideration the new Earth’s reality.

While those who make their living not by the occupation to their liking should dream about what they would like to get busy with in content with their soul this time.

If you have no apparently shown talents or abilities, you should think about what things really interest you and in what spheres you could bring most good.

Since on new Earth there will be created common interests communes, I am sure each of you will fit into one of them by all means.

And now you can already look closely at your environment.

Thus, if you are keen on gardening, you should follow this direction and find like-minded people with whom you can not only share experience, but make common plans on growing in volume this or that agriculture crops, flowers or other plants.

If you feel a calling for teaching, you can search for people of common interests in this sphere too and even think about your own experimental school, with the curriculum featuring not only general subjects, but the Laws of the Universe too, as well as spiritual practices and esoteric knowledge.

But, of course, your comrades should know about the global changes now taking place on Earth and be at the same wave length with you.

This is exactly the point that makes new Earth’s communes different from those of the third dimension world where, as it chanced, humans and INhumans find themselves side by side, with their vibration range being wide indeed.

And while the dual world is often held sway over by the spirit of competition, in new Earth’s communes it will be the spirit of love, mutual understanding and assistance.

Therefore, my dear, already now look for those you would like to work with and live next to, who you feel genuine spiritual kinship to and stick together so as to help each other to build a new life on Earth.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on March 3, 2021.

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