LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Talent to be man)

life-on-new-earth-talent-to-be-manGreetings, my dear beloved children!

For my previous message to be continued, today I would like to consider one more aspect of such a notion as “calling”.

What does it mean from a universe – Divine – point of view?

Calling is the call of man’s Soul.

Unfortunately, in the third dimension world few manage to hear their Soul.

And the reasons are numerous.

We have already talked a lot that one is literally from childhood is guided by one’s parents and grandparents, kindergarten teachers and teachers, university professors and later bosses and colleagues at work.

Generally speaking, they try to turn one from birth into a “screw” of the state machine that is controlled from without by the deep state again.

And this “machine”, its representatives at the helm to be exact, decide destinies of millions of people not caring for what their own souls are eager for.

You know it well yourselves that few can allow themselves to indulge in their hobbies if they do not bring any income.

But this is the reason for the survival conditions to have been created on Earth – to make one’s call of Soul drowned.

So now, in new vibrations of Earth you will be getting rid of the chains of stimulated and forced labour.

Unfortunately, a lot of people will get at a loss and will not know what to do with the freedom they were dreaming of – thus much they got used to their settled routine life.

They have actually turned into “screws” of social, professional and family “machines” of the modern society of the third dimension.

And even those who think they have already retuned their conscience a new way will be surprised with how dependent they still are on the third dimension world patterns.

This is the reason why I have initiated this talk about your calling now so as to make you prepared for the upcoming changes and help you make Transition smoothly, in a harmonious and appropriate way.

Well, what should be done by those of you who do know now yet what your calling is?

Before all, not to lose heart or feel defective in comparison with those who have already revealed some certain talents.

I have repeatedly mentioned that just to be a light, pure and friendly person is a great talent of its own.

You know it from experience how hard it is to free oneself from condemn, comparison, irritation, jealousy and many other “attributes” of dual life…

And if you set a goal to become a person completely free from negative thoughts and emotions and in the long run become one, you will make a great contribution hard to overestimate to building a new society on the new Earth since just your presence will increase vibrations of collective human conscience and, consequently, your planet in general.

Of course, this suggestion concerns all people with no exception who find themselves at the threshold of a new life but for many of you this can become the very CALLING you are striving for and that you seemingly cannot understand so far.

Always remember that there is not a single living being on Earth without any calling and that the main and most important one is Unconditional Love that is available to each living thing possessing a Divine Soul.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on March 4, 2021.

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