LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Blood transfusion)

life-on-new-earth-blood-transfusionGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to focus on one more aspect of modern medicine and we will talk about blood transfusion, which has become a usual phenomenon for people now.

And, of course, we will consider this process from the energy and Divine points of view.

But first, I would like to give you some details on what your blood is.

This mystical Divine substance contains all the information about a person and this is exactly the reason why any medical check-up starts with a blood test.

Its parameters are indicators of your physical condition.

And it is rather well-studied by earthly scientists who estimate one’s physical health according to its chemical composition.

But what is almost not investigated at all is its energy component.

Since blood circulates all around the body filling all the vessels of man’s body – from the largest ones to the tiniest capillaries, it is some kind of an energy blend.

It is accounted for by the fact that each organ of yours is in terms of energy connected with a certain chakra and the subtle body corresponding to it, while the circulatory system embracing the whole body is a uniting principle for all your organs.

In other words, it makes all body’s vibrations averaged thanks to the fact it runs through all the human body’s parts that feature different vibrations.

It may come as a surprise to you but each organ of the human body has its own frequency since imbuing your subtle bodies with certain thoughts and emotions, you unintentionally make impact on the organs that are connected with these bodies in terms of energy.

The energy component of blood is changeable as one constantly generates a variety of different emotions.

So now imagine what happens when there is created the so-called blood “bank” that contains blood of people of different sexes, ages, races and nationalities.

But in such a repository all this inconceivable chaos gradually comes to nothing because blood is deprived of its natural environment and is kept in soulless containers mostly of chemical composition.

Thus, little by little, being deprived of physical liaison with the human body it was withdraw from, it loses its “individuality” and becomes featureless as far as its energy is concerned.

Such mechanical approach to use of the “sacred” liquid nourishing the human body is akin to organs transplantation.

But in this case not an “organ” of one person is transplanted but of several people and sometimes of dozens and even hundrends of people if blood transfusion is resorted to many times.

Well, what happens in the body of a person who had somebody else’s blood transfused?

Mixing with their own blood finding itself in the natural environment and in native energies, it starts vibrating in unison with it and gets adjusted to its new habitat.

This is the reason why after blood transfusion one does not require immunosuppressive drugs.

Being held in a new Divine vessel, this blood mixes with the blood of the recipient and begins its second life.

It can be compared with water that is diluted with another liquid that gradually makes one with it.

What happens when blood is directly transfused from one person to another one?

In this case energy redistribution occurs almost instantaneously since finding themselves in direct contact, energy fields of these people also mix and, consequently, their blood acquires common averaged parameters.

Yet, despite the flexibility of the process you should not practise on it as any alien intrusion into the human body brings about negative consequences of this or that kind.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on April 23, 2021.

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