and-there-will-flash-sunlightGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today when the corridor of eclipses I spoke of in one of my messages is over there is coming a crucial energy surge indeed that each of you should get as well prepared for as possible.

And this event is connected with solar energy that for different reasons we are not going to focus on begins to release itself in the way that concentrated bundles of this energy will literally start “exploding”, which in its turn will influence the energy index of all the planets of the solar system.

Your scientists call it solar flares.

Why does it happen just now?

First of all, because of the fact that worldwide changes of global character are always connected with the celestial bodies associated with this planet, which in this case is Sun, since they are interconnected in terms of energy.

All these processes run simultaneously thereby regulating and coordinating the changes in progress.

Well, how do solar flares influence Transition of Earth into the Fifth dimension?

In the most direct way.

Sun releases some energy necessary to eventually “push” your planet out into the new high vibration energy space.

The things that for an average person may seem ominous and threatening are, as a matter of fact, assisting Earth in her breaking free from the third dimension captivity.

So, what about solar flares’ impact on people’s condition and the situation on Earth in general?

Those of you whose vibrations have already reached the level of the fourth dimension will take them with no harm to their physical well-being.

Negative effect can be produced only on low vibration beings embodied as humans.

As far as the consequential events now taking place on Earth are concerned, these solar flares will influence them in the most favourable manner.

They will once and for all highlight all the evil deeds of the deep state, all the crimes against humanity, all their insidious intentions aimed at total robotization of people – the purpose the so-called “pandemic” pretext was made up for.

Prolonged and laborious work of the best representatives of humanity in cooperation with the Forces of Light, both disembodied and embodied ones, is coming up to an end and it is quite soon now that the results of this work will be announced and displayed to public at large.

This year will make some kind of summing up to humanity development history when the Forces of Light and the Forces of Dark showed themselves in the most apparent way.

And while the Forces of Dark by means of the pandemic imposed on the whole population of Earth have demonstrated their unlimited power over people, the Forces of Light have done their best to disclose criminal plans of the hidden government and bring to light the true substance of those commonly referred to as “high and mighty”.

There is coming forth the climax of the confrontation between the Good and the Evil.

And the solar body in its sacred metaphysical sense will contribute its share to this confrontation “highlighting” in the most prominent way both the parties of this process.

And of course, my dear, Light a symbol of which Sun is will inevitably defeat Dark.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on December 14, 2020.

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