corridor-of-eclipsesGreetings, my dear beloved children!

My today’s message is dedicated to the new energies that during the corridor of eclipses make the Portal of Transition to the Fifth dimension wider and wider.

Why is it during this period when it happens?

The thing is that any solar eclipse represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of another one.

They are the course of development landmarks both for Earth and humanity in general.

The word “eclipse” itself symbolizes temporary stopping of the usual process – be it a natural phenomenon or human conscience.

And this stopping is necessary for “rebooting” to occur and for this process to continue in a new way.

But present eclipses are unique because they embrace simultaneously two energy processes – rebirth of your Earth and that of human conscience.

The “rebooting” of the former and the latter is taking place, yet, this time it is not just a “rebooting” but complete transformation – transition from one dimension to another.

The eclipse corridor itself that has stretched for several months symbolizes some kind of an energy bridge – “adapter” that transforms the third dimension energies into the energies of higher vibrations: from the fourth to the fifth dimension ones.

Now a unique phenomenon is in progress on Earth that it has never experienced before.

The new energies arriving on your planet from space are literally “forcing out” the old third dimension world energies transforming Earth’s energy space into a high vibration field where can only exist the people whose conscience and, consequently, bodies will be able to adjust to the frequencies new to them.

Since the energy range of people and other beings embodied as humans is really wide finding themselves inside the corridor each of them will behave in a different way – in accordance with the level of conscience.

Someone will eagerly absorb the energies that will transform their conscience towards the Divine, while in others they will cause fear and rejection.

For the majority of the planet’s population it will happen subconsciously, while at the physical level it will be expressed in the way they feel and their attitude to the current events.

Those with their conscience open to the new energies will see all the tricks of high and mighty in the raw and, as a result, will do their best to oppose them.

While those for various reasons incapable to overcome by their conscience the barrier between the third dimension and higher ones will clutch at the old life tooth and nail, as well as at the mental and behaviour stereotypes imposed by it.

It is the latter and quite numerous stratum of the population that is now the main stronghold of the world government and they will do everything to make these people an example of obedience for others allowing the present-day “masters” of Earth to implement their plan on general chipping by means of compulsory vaccination.

And the world “puppeteers” unlike common people are perfectly aware that they have little time left – just a few months since in the middle of December after the last solar eclipse there will be closed the energy corridor facilitating Earth’s Transition.

And right now, when this Portal is opening wider and wider I ask you, my dear, to do your best to help you yourself, and the people ready to hear you, to realize the current moment in its greatness to make the last breakthrough in your spiritual development so as not to miss the unique opportunity granted to you from above to make Transition to a new energy level with your planet.

And I bless you for this!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on June 22, 2020.

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