transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-twin-souls-on-earthOur today’s talk will continue with the issue of twin souls’ interaction but this time we will speak about the ones embodied in the same world and approximately at the same time.

Sometimes they meet at the physical level and start communicating in this or that way.

Now the time on Earth is unique when there have come a great number of twin souls and not common but ancient ones at that, aimed at supporting humanity during Transition to the Fifth dimension.

Being one Maternal Soul’s particles each of them, nevertheless, followed its own path getting embodied a lot of times not only on Earth but also in different worlds on different planets.

That is why the energy component of each soul is unique – depending on where, how and at what speed they were making their spiritual progress.

It is sometimes too hard for them to maintain the level they reached during previous incarnations and coming to the third dimension world with their memory of the past “switched off” they fall down to much lower vibrations.

Others, just on the contrary, are “fully armed” with their past experience gained both on Earth and in other worlds and they succeed in keeping the high vibrations they came with.

And although twin souls are born in different countries and in different social strata, they share the common aim of the present incarnation – help people during Transition.

Some of them already know about their mission, while some others have just faint apprehension that they were born on Earth for something important and epoch-making.

And, as a rule, sooner or later these great souls’ particles learn about the current changes on Earth.

They get involved in the self-cognition process and the events earthshaking for Earth that they are to play a significant role in.

In this case energy interaction of these twin souls is of great importance.

A lot depends on how they behave in person or during virtual communication which is often the case in the era of the Internet.

The thing is that the energy binds between twin souls is well above than those between other “unrelated” souls.

It is accounted for by the fact that having one Maternal Soul they are in ONE ENERGY SPACE at the subtle level.

It often helps them to get well on with each other, and then their communication becomes balanced as ever.

Besides, it happens not only in relationships between a man and a woman but between people of the same sex as well.

This is the origin of the expression “kindred souls”.

But few know that in this case this expression has not indirect meaning but the most direct one.

If relations between twin souls for some reasons are not harmonious, it is very painful for both the sides.

It happens because the negative energies generated by both the sides are contributed to the common “pot” and, consequently, get amplified manifold hurting each of this soul’s particles badly.

But, fortunately, it occurs rather seldom and more often they recognize their dear particle, and they become good friends, while if the relationships between a man and a woman is the case, the families they make become the happiest ones.

Here we will stop for today.

Immensely loving you,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on November 17, 2019.

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