LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Burnt bridges)

life-on-new-earth-burnt-bridgesGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will digress from the topic of building a new society on the Earth of the Fifth dimension and will talk about your last steps in the third dimension world.

I see that many of you start exaggerating and painting all your previous life black.

Of course, we talked a lot about injustice of the modern society, its spiritual impoverishment, the mentality and behaviour patterns imposed on you.

All this really exists and in recent years it has just got aggravated but you should not forget about the goods things you had in life that you should be grateful for.

For all these good things were DESPITE the things artificially instilled by high and mighty.

You could enjoy life whatever it took.

You admired the beauty of nature, communication with close people, creativity in all its manifestation.

A pure and light Soul has always been able to find a relief even on seemingly most routine days.

You gave people joy and supported each other in dire straits.

And this dual world life experience is invaluable indeed. Well, it is this experience you were coming back for to Earth again and again up till your last incarnation that will let you make Transition together with the planet into a new dimension.

And now it is essential to live through this hard transition period in an appropriate and harmonious way not casting slurs on your previous life and not indulging in idealizing the one that awaits you.

You should keep in your Soul the precious moments of your third dimension world life that now granted you happy and jolly minutes, now made you suffer.

So now, I would like to offer you a meditation that will help you balance the road you travelled in this crucial incarnation of yours and make your Transition to a new life harmonious.

For this purpose you should not look through all your life in details.

It will be enough to remember just some important landmarks – the turning points that opened new horizons for tearing yourselves away from the routine condition and trace the “itinerary” of your Soul – roundabout for some people or quite straight for some others.

We will call this meditation “Burnt bridges”.

For this purpose you should plunge into rather a deep meditative state and invoke all your Heavenly patrons.

And then take your time and thoughtfully look through the “itinerary” that you followed on the “roads” of this incarnation, all the turns and crossroads of your life that changed it drastically.

It should apply not only to change of job, city, country, your sphere of activity but also of the people who played an important role and led your life positive – constructive – way or, just the opposite, suppressed your professional and spiritual intentions.

And next, regardless of the role these people played in your life, from deep of your heart say “thank you” to them for the invaluable experience – both for happy and sad minutes, right and wrong decisions you made due to them.

In other words, analyze your life from the point of view of an onlooker – impartial, just and friendly.

And as a final stage of the meditation, imagine all the life you lived as an island in the ocean (or, maybe, a big island) with a bridge (a wide one, perhaps) connecting this island with another one – a virgin desert but beautiful island.

Both the islands are dear to you but you know that crossing the bridge to the other island – to the high vibration space new to you, you “will burn down the bridge to it” forever now since your Soul has already made its choice.

You let the former life go with Love and Gratitude carrying away the best and dearest of everything you had with you…

Feel, my dear, you walking along the bridge, the feelings overwhelming you and the way they are echoing in your Soul: whether you want to come back or you are striving for a new life with all your being…

And let this meditation become a test on your readiness for Transition – your maturity exam.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on March 8, 2021.

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