THE WORLD OF ASTRAL (Help astral beings to come back home)

the-world-of-astral-help-astral-beings-to-come-back-homeGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we reach the point of my description of the astral world that focuses on the practical advice and recommendations on your interaction with the astral beings for the highest good of all.

Now you are well aware of the fact that the astral world is your reflection, moreover, it is the chance to go on living for many human Souls, their fragments, to be exact, but in a different manner – as energy bundles of this or that kind because they couldn’t rise higher than the astral world due to their low vibration frequency.

Your interconnection with the astral world inhabitants has become part and parcel of your life and not everyone is capable of breaking free from it.

Still, I believe, the ones reading this message can manage this task.

The first and the most important thing is that you have realized your involvement in the astral world and have taken its existence for granted.

This world doesn’t cause any fear or prejudices in you any more. You understand that it is inhabited by the lost souls who need your help and support.

And this is what you can do for them.

Many of you are capable of making contacts with them using the good old chakra system “scale” – your vibration frequency indicator.

You should know that the astral beings of all levels can hear and feel you well, even if you are not able to contact them in a telepathic way so far.

So, if some of you are willing to help them to rise higher or to eventually rejoin their Souls you can do the following.

Having reached a meditative state and having called on all your Heavenly guards, suggest the astral beings that you should “solicit” the Higher Powers of the Universe for determining their rambling in the astral world and coming back Home.

Next, wait for their answer that can be manifested in different ways.

One of your chakras, from the third to the fifth one or, perhaps, all of them, depending on the number of the astral beings pulled to you and the level they inhabit, will start responding to their presence.

As soon as you feel this ask the Higher Powers of the Universe to open a Light Portal and Archangel Michael to see them to the levels where the Souls they “got loose” from exist.

You will feel your arms getting warm and the Divine energy flow passing through you.

Maintain the meditative state until the feelings disappear…

Why is your participation so important in this sacred process?

The first reason is that you do self-cleansing work, for each of you have unconsciously given rise to many astral beings providing them with the 3D world energy.

The second reason is that it can be regarded as some kind of penitence or “compensation” for what you have done.

The third reason is that it will be too difficult for the Higher Powers to open a Light Portal because of a huge vibration frequency gap.

In this case you are “an adaptor” between the higher frequency energies and the lower ones, which will enable the astral beings to overcome this barrier in the shortest possible time.

The fourth reason is that you will gain unique experience of astral world inhabitants interaction based on quite a different principle – you will be not their “donors” but their rescuers and providers of high frequency energy not of low one.

The fifth reason is that you will make a significant contribution to the cleansing process of the near-earth energy space and participate in a thorough tidying-up session aimed at removing all the dirt that has been accumulated there for a long time that is low frequency energy constantly circulating between the physical and the astral worlds.

And I bless you for this, my dear ones!

Father – Absolute, who loves you without measure, has spoken to you.

Channeled by Marta on July 2, 2018

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