THE WORLD OF ASTRAL (Upper sublevel of higher astral)

the-world-of-astral-upper-sublevel-of-higher-astralGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will switch over to the last and the highest sublevel of the higher astral level.

In comparison with the other astral levels and sublevels it corresponds to a very narrow layer.

It is inhabited by the beings who have covered a long evolution way in the astral world and have reached the state of being mature to come back Home and rejoin their Soul.

They exist at the very border separating the astral levels from the world inhabited by pure human souls who almost right after their physical body death’s find themselves in the dimension they are attracted to by their vibration frequency.

They are just about to ultimately transmit to the world where they can get prepared for their next embodiment.

It can be said that this last border sublevel is the place to think over a long period of their rambling in the astral world.

As a rule, these beings took the opportunity to live in all the astral levels, from the lower to the higher one.

They become well aware of the interaction process of humans being embodied with their permanent companions – astral beings who choose “prey” of a definite kind of energy nourishing them and in their turn “powering” humans with the similar energy.

Having experienced this energy turnover many times in various astral world levels these beings have eventually gained the awareness of this style of existence hopelessness and they became anxious to break free.

Inhabiting higher dimensions they know about other levels of existence with valid human souls who instead of endless rambling in the astral world learn other lessons.

They review the life lived, analyze the mistakes made and communicate with the Heavenly guides – the Higher Powers of the Universe.

The upper sublevel astral beings are looking forward to get where they can restore the integrity with the Soul and their Divine conscience.

These very beings help humans to pass over to a higher level of their spiritual development, for this kind of work to the good of the humanity guarantees their own transmission from the astral world to the higher levels of existence.

What does their help include?

They frequently get imposters revealed and open one’s eyes to who one communicates with and sometimes they protect one’s channel from the astral beings of the lower and medium levels.

Possessing the energy of somewhat high vibration frequency they occasionally share it with people.

These beings also get some subordinates but unlike their colleagues inhabiting lower levels they aim not at consuming human energy but sharing their own in order to protect humans from the lower astral beings influence and encourage their moving to the next stage of spiritual development.

It is mostly due to them that one “gets awakened” to a new life pondering over sense of life, changing value system, getting interested in the issue of the Ascension and everything it concerns.

These being are very close to the Forces of Light who lead your way.

Some of these astral beings become Safeguard Angels to humans considering this mission as the last step that ensures their definite breaking free from the astral world prison.

Here we will stop for today.

Father – Absolute, who loves you without measure, has spoken to you.

Channeled by Marta on June 23, 2018

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