THE WORLD OF ASTRAL (Soul fragmentation)

the-world-of-astral-soul-fragmentationGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I will go on speaking about the astral beings of the upper sublevel those at the very door of their new state of being completely integrated with their Soul.

And today I will focus on what a Soul’s fragment is and how it can exist independently from it and why this happens.

To start with, getting embodied a Soul arrives at Earth being whole because in between the incarnations it has already analyzed its previous life experience and all the lessons learnt, which enabled It to get all the lost fragments integrated and get ready for the coming incarnation.

It carefully searches for a place to live on Earth, social environment, parents, new life experience It would like to get and then descends into the womb of Its new mother.

As you already know finding Itself in the tough environment of the 3D world a Soul gets confused and forgets about everything It arranged before birth.

Very few are those who have managed to a full extent to bring to life the things they dreamt of in Heaven.

One being born in ultimately material-dominated environment and unable to hear one’s Soul is sometimes attacked by friends and relatives in terms of energy and affected by negative emotions to the extent one’s Soul is literally “torn” apart.

Soul fragmentation occurs for many reasons but the major one is the absence of the personal core, self-sufficiency, self-respect, understanding of one’s being unique and valid, which eventually means love to oneself.

A human gets “entrapped” by social and religious standards and dogmas, gets dissolved in their family, work, duties and many other minor things that little by little deprive their Soul of wholeness.

Unfortunately, in the 3D world there are very few humans who succeed in keeping their precious Soul as pure and integral and coming right back Home after the physical body’s death, back to the height It arrived at this world from, and sometimes even higher – depending on the previous life experience.

The overwhelming majority of the humans who lived a material-dominated life with its joys and sorrows keep in energy touch with their friends and relatives, their work and the people they had strong emotional relations with.

Therefore, these Souls’ particles, their energy bundles, remain in the energy space of the human beings embodied.

And these possessing conscience particles or fragments start a life of their own existing at the subtle level of Earth.

This is just the way all sorts of astral beings appear.

Depending on the type of Souls they are fragments of: good or bad, clever or dull, generous or mean, well-educated or not – they find themselves at the corresponding level of the astral world being attracted to it according to their vibration frequency.

It is followed by a long evolution process until all the fragments get integrated with the original Soul and after that It begins to get prepared for the next incarnation.

In my previous messages much has been said about humans’ interaction with the astral beings of all levels and about survival means of these rambling human souls’ fragments inhabiting the subtle level of the planet.

But the last sublevel’s beings, those of the upper sublevel of the higher astral – are vivid examples of that even in the astral world thanks to spiritual improvement it is possible to break free from “the prison” they have been for so long and restore their Soul’s wholeness.

Here we will stop for today.

Father – Absolute, who loves you without measure, has spoken to you.

Channeled by Marta on June 24, 2018

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  1. Diana Cadry says:

    Is this the one that says ” A Tale of Armageddon”? On the Video on Vero Verius? I.need to see iiand read it myself. It is much easier for me to follow that way Dear One. Thank You for your Channelings. Much Love♡♡♡


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