WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Like a full-flowing river)

window-on-new-world-like-a-full-flowing-riverGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to draw your attention to one more peculiarity of human relations in the world of the fourth dimension.

And it is in that they are abandoned by annoyance towards others.

You cannot deny that this is what most often happens in the third dimension world when it seems to you that someone’s behaviour or their words do not live up to your expectations and annoyance little by little starts arising in you.

Well, what is the difference between annoyance and intolerance?

Generally speaking, there is little difference between them but it is typical of annoyance to get accumulated until it grows into intolerance.

We can say that annoyance is the first stage of intolerance.

It can be compared with ripples on water that under certain weather conditions can turn into waves and storm ones at that sometimes.

So, sometimes a conversation that started quite peacefully as long as annoyance of people to each other is growing becomes a verbal “storm”, with the reason for this being intolerance to other people’s opinion.

Well, how can this be avoided?

If you get annoyed with another person, try in your thoughts to level the energy “ripples” of your communication and see its calm smooth and beautiful “surface” – preferably, river or sea surface.

Have you ever thought that not without a reason have arisen such expressions as “speech flows”, “words are coming along swimmingly”, “fluent speech”?

Why does one get associations just with water when a speech manner is at issue?

Before all, because the energy profile of speech is similar to the natural Element of Water.

Well, recall other expressions – such as “flood with accuses”, “torrent of words”, “inundate with words”…

Of course, they came into being not by chance but because people by intuition felt the likeness of water energy and human speech.

So, humans being closely connected with the Element of Water, as it is water that their physical body mostly consists of, unintentionally transferred some of this element to their speech too.

And even the type of a person can be compared with water element manifestations.

Someone – quiet, calm and slow in words and movements – can be compared with a great full-flowing river of a smooth and even surface.

While some other person – hot-tempered, irritable, impatient – with a rough mountain river and sometimes with a raging ocean.

That is the reason why I suggest, my dear, you should calm your irritation down making use of the image of water.

Every time you feel annoyance to your interlocutor growing inside you, try to switch your attention over to the energy “surface” of your talk.

And if you notice that it starts getting “rippled”, try to soothe it switching over your thoughts or topic of the discussion to something else which is less irritating for you.

And in my next message I will tell you about the way the Element of Air can help you with this and how relations between people are associated with it.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on July 14, 2022.

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