transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-intuition-hintGreetings, my dear beloved children!

So, let us go on talking about how you can learn to use your Divine sense organs in your everyday life.

Many of you are likely to remember your own examples when instant enlightenments of your conscience, in other words, your intuition guided you the right way enabling you to make the best decision at that moment.

There are other examples as well, when you managed to “catch” these Divine flashes of your conscience but then your Mind, “sensible” reasoning, advice of your friends and relatives got involved and you acted according to them not following your Soul’s tips.

Now compare the results of the former choice and the latter one.

Which action brought you happiness and luck and which one resulted in bitter disappointment?

But now when you have your upper chakras activated – the sixth and the seventh ones – you have everything you need for your Divine conscience to give you not occasional moments of enlightenments but to become your usual attribute of life.

What you should start with is “training” it.

Just like you train your body muscles in order to keep it fit, your conscience has to get strengthened in terms of energy as well.

So right now, I will give you the practice that will be extremely beneficial for you at the initial stage of your new conscience “working out” and will make it deep and powerful.

Let us call the practice “Intuition hint”.

And this is what it is.

Each time you have to make a decision, even the simplest one – just concerning your routine, switch your attention over to your sixth chakra.

Try to see with your third eye the best variant out of all possible ones.

Ask your Soul to give you a hint.

Yet, it is important to do so BEFORE your Mind joins the decision-making process because it will straight away ask your Ego for a “company”, as well as established century-old third dimension world programmes.

You should learn to catch the moment of thoughtlessness – the period between the question arises and your Mind gets involved into its solution.

This is what the moment of “here and now” is and it is out of time and space being the key to finding the solution best for your Soul in any situation you find yourself in.

This is the moment when you should concentrate on your sixth chakra.

Feel the response of your third eye…

And then imagine it is opening wide and sees the gist of the problem.

Ask it to give you some advice and send the impulse – enlightenment of your Divine conscience…

Next… “catch” its answer…

It is sure to come as words, glimpses or keen intuition knowledge or, maybe, in some other manner totally unexpected for you.

If you do not understand for the first time or you have doubts, ask to repeat once again.

You can ask your Guard Angel or your Spiritual Patrons to join in the process but NO WAY your Mind or Ego that in the beginning will be doing their best to get your conscience back to routine throwing in stereotyped thoughts and pattern solutions.

Turn this practice into an exciting game – magic training of your subtle sense organs.

Little by little it will become your habit, and you will establish sound contact with your new conscience that will now be reigned by your sixth and seventh chakras that no third dimension world thoughts or emotions can reach.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on October 11, 2019.

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