WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Unity of Spirit and worldview)

window-on-new-world-unity-of-spirit-and-worldviewGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to tell you what management system on the Earth of the fourth and Fifth dimensions will be like.

As long as borders between states will be abolished, there will begin to form some kind of language “enclaves” or, in other words, territories that are united by one language and cultural traditions.

Such structure of society will be based on not separation as such, which is untypical of the unipolar world, but people’s need in the lifestyle usual to them as well as opportunity to communicate with each other.

It will go on like this till Earth and humanity move to the world of the Fifth dimension ultimately now where language barriers will be “swept away” by telepathic communication between people.

And, of course, for some time people’s commitment to this or that religion will be sustained.

But in the world of the fourth dimension religious confessions will start to disappear since people’s conscience will reach the level where they will begin to understand that all of them are the Creator’s particles and, consequently, to communicate with him they do not need any intermediaries as religious teachings, to say the least of priests.

So, just within one generation that will be brought up on quite different spiritual and moral values religion as such will fall into oblivion and will be taken over by the Laws of the Universe that will become some kind of “code of honour” for every inhabitant of Earth.

As for religious buildings, they will become part of your history and wonderful monuments of architecture.

This way one of the main brunches of power – religious one – will stop existing, the one that at present is still very powerful in many countries of the world.

Yet, unlike religious ones, national traditions, on the contrary, will be preserved and even developed as they feature the Spirit of each nation, its uniqueness and originality.

Music, dances, national costumes and trades – all these are elements of Creativity that in the higher dimensions worlds advances to a new level and encourages the opening of all one’s talents.

Under the conditions where people will not have to survive or struggle for a place in the sun they will be able to dedicate themselves totally to their favourite occupation and master all their skills.

As a result, the Unity of Spirit and worldview will not lead your life to uniformity but, the other way round, your existence will become much brighter, more interesting and diverse thanks to the exchange of experience and cultural heritage of all the nations and peoples who live on Earth at present.

Gradually politics will remain in the past, too, the one that is based on separation in all its manifestations.

Different political parties and state power systems will not be able to fit into the new world arrangement paradigm that will rely on Unity, Equality and Brotherhood.

On the Earth of the fourth and Fifth dimensions there will rise international coordination centers for regulation of Earth’s inhabitant’s needs irrespective of place of residence.

On your planet there will remain no “developed” or “developing” countries of the world, which is now being cultivated everywhere.

The foundation of Unity and Equality of people will be made not by national identity or geographical location of their countries but One level of vibrations since only the people whose conscience will manage to advance to the level of the sixth chakra at the minimum will be able to move to the Earth of the fourth and then the Fifth dimensions.

All the rest this way or another will leave your planet because they will not be able to exist in the energy space of thus high vibrations and, main thing, in the absence of duality that their conscience is impregnated with.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on July 30, 2023.

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