WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Transitional period: from power to management)

window-on-new-world-transitional-period-from-power-to-managementGreetings, my dear beloved children!

As a follow-up to the talk on a new social management system today I would like to focus on one of its main aspects.

And this is what will be at issue.

After Disclosure of the ruling top’s crimes that sooner or later will take place by any means, the state power system will find itself at some kind of a dead spot that has to do with the fact that the corrupted government members will not be able to carry on with their work anymore and a new government will not be formed yet.

And at this stage it is extremely important not to make the mistake that people were making over and over again while overthrowing one regime and establishing another one.

It should be clearly understood that this time at issue is not the change of government but the change of paradigm of social arrangement on a global scale at that.

The things that were considered normal in the third dimension world will not be able to exist on the Earth of the fourth and then Fifth dimensions in the absence of the very notion of duality there.

In the world of high vibrations third dimension world concepts and, consequently, power institutions typical of it are not possible anymore.

But, nevertheless, you will not be able to do without the transitional period from one world into another since the Ascension of Earth, as you know, will not occur in no time.

This is the reason why the Transition of Earth and humanity into a higher dimension was prolonged – for human psyche and physical bodies not to suffer from a vibration surge.

Yet, excessive procrastination of the Ascension of Earth is impossible either for a number of reasons, both objective and subjective ones.

Among the objective reasons there are time parameters of your planet that have advanced to a new level of existence and there is no coming back for her now.

And the subjective reasons feature globalists’ behaviour who are in a hurry indeed to implement their insane plans on depersonalization of Earth’s population.

And the more successful their programme promotion, the fewer people will be able to take such a unique advantage – to move to a new Earth in their physical bodies.

Therefore, the period of transition from the dual world to the unipolar one that was granted to you should be used as efficiently as possible.

What should be done for this?

First of all, speeding up the Disclosure of the ruling top’s crimes at all the levels of power: from members of government till local petty officers.

Compile the proofs of their corrupt activity, make specific examples and submit them to court.

Do not think that all the courts are also corrupted and that your claims will get no response.

If there are hundreds and even thousands of such claims, it will be impossible to brush them aside.

Besides, government circles still have honest and decent people and getting the support of common people they will be able to start acting in a more decisive manner.

Believe me, my dear, it is your inertness that prevents showing of the best qualities of the people who, as it chanced, find themselves in high power institutions where they feel “white crows” among their colleagues.

These are the people who can take responsibility of their countries’ management during the transitional period on new principles now.

But it can only happen when a full-scale Disclosure of a centralized corrupted system is initiated, the one that seized the governments of all the leading countries of the world.

And these people unblemished in terms of crimes have some experience in state institutions management and can make a start of arrangement of a new society of Unity, Equality and Brotherhood at the very initial stage of it.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on July 29, 2023.

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