WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (New management structure)

window-on-new-world-new-management-structureGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Well, in previous messages we have considered the current power system on Earth that in the direct meaning of the word has subjugated if not all the humanity then the major part of it.

As a result, the conscience of the majority of your planet’s population that for centuries has been “rolled smooth” by stereotyped mentality based on submission of common people to the ruling top has turned out unable to resist the latest trends of the deep state that at present have spread over most countries of the world.

Only some countries with their national and religious traditions being really strong could oppose this as well as certain individuals – pure and mature souls that have come with the mission of humanity rescue at this moment crucial for Earth and humanity.

And at present, despite the huge quantity advantage of the unrevived part of Earth’s population, not numerous group of mindful people have to start developing a new structure of management.

It is advisable to start small as it is impossible to suddenly change the monolithic system that has embraced almost the whole world.

We have already talked with you about the Islands of Light that will start gradually rising in different corners of your planet.

Yet, for this to happen as soon as possible, there must be leaders – idea inspirers who beside spiritual knowledge and true understanding of the current events possess a talent for management, too.

Without a leader like this the keenest enthusiasts of new society development are at risk to remain on the shelf.

That is why, look closely at your environment: it is quite possible that such a person lives in your neighbourhood and they just need psychological support to be able to show their talent to a full degree.

We also talked about developing communes but in practice few have managed to put their dream to life so far.

You see, my dear, it is not that easy to get rid of the third dimension mentality burden and your selfish desires.

Harmonious living and creating together is only possible for people when the vibration level of each of them has reached that of the sixth chakra at minimum.

It is this chakra that allows one take other people with no censure or comparison letting them be what they are and sincerely share each other’s success.

The activated sixth chakra is a guarantee of the very Unity that makes the foundation of a highly developed society of Equality and Brotherhood.

Therefore, before starting developing communes, it is necessary to make a careful selection of the people who want to live and work there.

All the failures in human communication result from people’s vibrations being motley, which actually leads to misunderstanding, annoyance and even aggression to each other.

And only people who vibrate at the sixth chakra reach the level of the Energy of Love that does not feature a single particle of duality typical of the third dimension world.

With every single year and even month such people’s number will get increasingly higher because Earth’s vibrations are steadily becoming higher and higher influencing the conscience of the people who are even unaware of Transition.

Therefore, in a calm and leisurely way and as often as possible imagine your Island of Light and the people you would like to see there.

Think everything over in details: the place on Earth where you would like to live, the occupation you would love to devote yourselves to, the people around, the spirit of your commune, your accommodation, the nature around you, animals and birds…

Use the energy practices for making your wishes come true.

In a word, be creative and remember that now, with the time parameters changing noticeably, everything planned comes to life really quickly.

The brighter your visualization, the purer and more sincere your intention, the quicker you will attract the desirable into your reality.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on July 27, 2023.

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