WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Leaders of new time)

window-on-new-world-leaders-of-new-timeGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will go on talking about the way the management system on your planet will be changing as long as Earth and her inhabitants will get settled in the space of the fourth and then the Fifth dimensions more and more.

Gradually power system will be changed over to management system.

And between these two notions there is a huge difference.

Power itself implies submission of majority to minority, which contradicts the Laws of the Universe since free will of Earth’s population is restricted by the narrow bounds of all kinds of laws and instructions.

Try to feel the energy profile of such words as “power”, “master”, “wield power over”

It is not by accident that synonyms to these words are “command”, “commander”, “to order”.

All these notions do not imply the nation’s opinion or interests at all.

Any power is based on the enrichment of those who have laid their hands on it.

And it has been like this for centuries.

And even the modern system of states’ heads elections is just a screen for the shadow government that put their marionettes at the key post all over the world.

It is common knowledge now that almost in all the countries of the world elections are falsified on a regular basis and it means that nation’s will is totally ignored.

As a result, the “masters” of their countries, just as it has been for centuries, become those with power and money in their grip.

But to wield power does not mean to manage one’s country.

Management implies coordination of actions in all the spheres of social life with people’s interests in mind and not in pursue of one’s own benefit.

But the managers who were sincerely catering for nation’s needs have been not that many on Earth.

Moreover, if they came around, the deep state did their best to “punish” them.

All the means were involved up till unleashing wars, overthrowing of governments or even killing of states’ heads who had become “astray” from the “herd” of globalists.

This is the vicious system of esprit de corps that you are to destroy.

And it is only possible to do one way: by Disclosure of all the crimes committed by the ruling top.

This work is not easy and extremely risky since globalists and their henchmen will not give up without a fight.

Yet, recently there have appeared a lot of brave people who even at the expense of their life are conveying the truth about the deep state to people as well as about their plans on annihilation of humanity.

Doubts have already been raised in human conscience and now a lot of people start to understand it is “conspiracy theory” that the mainstream media were mocking at that reveals the genuine projects of globalists in respect of humans.

Too many facts and proofs have recently risen that are not actually disguised by their authors but, on the contrary, are presented to people as “salvation”.

What accounts for such flagrant cynicism and contempt to people?

Why are they so sure of their impunity?

The reason is behaviour of people themselves that allow themselves to be led by the most absurd and preposterous instructions.

The most glaring example of it is the so-called “pandemic” with all it entails: quarantine measures, general vaccination and face masking.

So, having thrown a touchstone and made sure that fear turns people into an obedient herd, globalists went on speeding up the promotion of their programme on total limitation of human rights and freedoms this time.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on July 28, 2023.

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