window-on-new-world-red-lineGreetings, my dear beloved children!

So as to round up with the problem of climate change created by globalists, today I would like to focus on one more aspect of it.

At issue will be the changeover of humanity to the so-called “eco-friendly” sources of energy.

As a matter of fact, what is offered instead of the present-day ones is actually pursuing the same interests: gains of a narrow segment of people at the expense of your planet’s population.

Globalists are not going to “take out of cold storage” the cutting-edge technologies at all, the ones that they have been hiding from humanity for many years and that are not only eco-friendly indeed but do not require large investments for production of energy which in this case will be impossible to sell.

This is exactly what has become a stumbling stone for them: the shadow government cannot give people such a generous gift having left behind the idea of billions of profit that they get due to sale of natural resources.

Therefore, they just prefer to change the source of income selling electricity instead of oil, with the prices for the former soaring up the very moment people do not have any other choice.

But the grossest crime of theirs is interference with natural habitat and installment of wind generations everywhere they managed to get the permission to do it.

As a result, instead of forests and fields with their rich animal and plant world one gets a sight of ugly surrealistic constructions that not only upset the natural balance but also produce low vibrations harmful to any living being.

Moreover, these constructions cannot replace the sources of energy usual to you since they are imperfect and depend on weather “whims”.

You see, everything that globalists have to do with features destruction – be it nature or humans.

Everything beautiful, pure, Divine is being substituted for ugly, immoral, satanic.

And all this is done so as to reduce humans and Earth to their level having decreased their vibrations as much as possible.

In all the spheres of your life they pervert natural essence and make the borderlines of the allowed blurred.

Thus, animals, birds and insects are driven out of their hatched places or die as a result of aggressive intrusion into their natural habitat.

While humans are deprived of not only their usual life but sometimes even sexual identity, with perverted world perception being imposed on them.

Even children are not in safety any more since globalist’s hand has reached for not only educational but also preschool programmes perverting the worldview for little ones and trying to lead their conscience the direction they need.

And now it is extremely important that people eventually understand that all this is not a fantasy of conspiracy theorists, not an exaggeration or a picture of distant future but present-day reality that has now swiftly stormed into each person’s life and to hide away from it will be impossible for anyone.

This is the very red line behind which there is the beginning of total degeneration of humanity as a species.

And it is within your depth to stop this madness having become united against a small group of criminals who have got into their heads that they are the masters of Earth.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on July 26, 2023.

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