WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Family traditions)

window-on-new-world-family-traditionsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to go on talking about the relationships between man and woman and consider them from the perspective of their influence on upbringing of children this time.

Why are two-parent families so important?

Before all, the reason is that only in such families there can be reached an ideal energy balance between the male and female principles, which can guarantee a happy life of a child.

Any distortion in either respect is fraught with psychological problems and flaws in upbringing.

It will be very hard for a young person to create a good family if they have not had an example to follow.

Therefore, family traditions are the rare exceptions to the rule that can turn out really helpful.

Of course, at issue are the traditions that are based on Love and Respect to each other and a vivid manifestation of the male and female principles.

So, since long ago women have passed the ability to love and create the atmosphere of sincere affection and comfort in the house on to their daughters.

They let their daughters to housekeeping secrets – culinary art, sewing, feasible womanly work.

And men taught their sons the idea that they should become a reliable foundation of the family and keep the household doing all kinds of manly work.

Back then “clever hands” of men were not rare but a common case – life’s necessity.

But all these external manifestations were, first of all, reflection of the inner – energy – condition of women and men that incited all their thoughts, emotions and actions.

This way their innate essence showed that was not distorted by the influence from without.

As a result, family traditions were passed on from one generation to another thereby sustaining the masculinity and femininity typical of pure human souls.

Gradually, these natural manifestations of the Divine essence of man started getting blurred.

The reasons for that were wars, revolutions, devastation when women who had lost breadwinners of the family had to do manly work as a result of which they lost their gentleness, tenderness and femininity.

And they often brought this experience gained on Earth to their next incarnations, and this experience laying down into their subconscience got increasingly fixed.

As for men, and especially during recent decades, having no household plot of their own many of them were becoming effete “shirkers”.

This was also encouraged by office paper work that now required quite other skills and abilities.

Due to this a lot of men acquired womanly features, which drastically changed their energy profile.

Such “blurriness” of the male and female principles in the family had a sad effect on children who this time lacked life guidelines and understanding of what a real man and a real woman should be like.

Consequently, there have recently appeared a huge number of energy “hermaphrodites” who grew and were brought up in either one-parent families or in the families with man and woman having “exchanged places” thanks to their characters, which is also not rare to happen.

All this occurred gradually and resulted in favourable conditions for the innate manly and womanly traits not simply to be perverted but to start now changing their sex physically, which nowadays acquires mass character.

All these have gone too far, my dear, and in the world of the fourth dimension you are to come back to your Divine origins – to gain your lost abilities again and become real men and real women.

And new high vibration energies can help you with this dissolving everything artificial and superficial and highlighting your true natural qualities.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on March 14, 2023.

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