ASCENSION IN ACTION (Feeling guilty)

ascension-in-action-feeling-guiltyGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to give you some pieces of advice on how to work at your weak points not feeling guilty.

I see that this fine distinction is not easy for everyone to notice.

Very often one feels guilty with no particular reason for that just because one can’t impartially estimate oneself and one’s environment.

And this is the common drawback I would like to focus on as it impedes your progress.

What lies in the foundation of feeling guilty?

It is more often fear not to live up to someone else’s expectations.

But, my dear ones, these expectations can be absolutely different from your own ones.

If you put the lid on your own desires to please others you deprive yourself of joy of life and sometimes of its sense.

The desire to please others to the prejudice of you is a part of slavish psychology that for ages has been implanted in human consciousness in order to keep people in submission.

A lot of people have never thought that this feeling is characteristic of them because they live by inertia unconsciously trying to adjust themselves to common standards and norms of behavior.

Women are especially susceptible of it as they are used to toiling and moiling and if they can’t do all the house duties they feel guilty to their families.

They think they make poor housewives who are bad at housekeeping.

Many women don’t even realize that they can have their own desires and interests other than their families’. They are unaware of the fact that their household chores have turned into drudgery to please family members.

They are short of time to stop and think about the things they really want, the things they would enjoy doing if they were free of endless family tasks.

Why does this happen? It is mostly because of feeling guilty to the family, fear of being a poor wife, mother, daughter…

So, how to break out the vicious circle? How to break free from the routine? How not to feel guilty while being a self-respecting person with your own wishes?

There exists an excellent way out. It is the creation of your personal energy immunity voiced to your family as ’your private life’.

Believe me, my dear ones, if you succeed in creating such kind of relations both gently and persistently not only won’t you lose their respect, just on the contrary, you will even rise in their estimation.

You will turn into a mysterious, attractive and self-sufficient person, not a servant who is widely ignored.

You can dedicate a certain amount of time to your private life, the hours or days that belong only to you. It is the time when you can indulge in your hobby, spiritual practices, contacts with friends, going for walks, whatever you like, and – which is most important –  whatever your Soul likes.

And you certainly shouldn’t blame yourself of spending time on your personal interests and leaving your family on their own.

I gave you this example, my dear ones, because it is rather typical of patriarchal environment with women playing supporting roles of housewives. Thereby their unique personalities are suppressed, their talents and abilities are crushed in the buds and the whole life is lived to fawn on others.

Do learn to share family tasks so that everyone can contribute to the housework as well as express their individuality without feeling guilty to others.

Let it be the destruction of the stereotypes that have had their days, a step to your freedom and a chance to know yourselves and the world around you. Let it be a step to reappraising old values and understanding what you are to be, a chance to look upon everything with another eye.

And I bless you for this, my dear ones!

Father – Absolute, who loves you without measure, has spoken to you.

Channelled by Martha on April 15, 2018.

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