ASCENSION IN ACTION (Fear of the unknown)

ascension-in-action-fear-of-the-unknownGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we keep talking on your most common drawbacks that set up a roadblock on your spiritual way.

One of them is your fear of the unknown that suppresses all your good intentions.

Some of you are sure of being quite ready for Ascension, that you have nothing to be afraid of, no pity for the old-fashioned values of the 3D world as well as for the people living according to the laws of that world.

But in your heart of hearts you are still scared of letting everything go: the way of life you are so used to, the things you love so much, your friends and relatives who are not prepared to change their routine.

You are balancing at the turn of two worlds. Your soul and your heart are running about.

On the one hand you dream of giving yourself up to a new long-awaited reality, but on the other hand you are scared to break off with the usual way of life, your friends and relatives who will stay beyond the line.

This is why your Ascension is as extended in time as possible so that you can transform your own consciousness and help your kith and kin catch up with you.

You are granted the possibility to make Shift in groups, because once in 5D, which you have been looking forward to for so long, you may feel lonely.

It will be more reliable for you to create a new way of life with your kith and kin and, moreover, it will help you to overcome your fear of the unknown.

Now circumstances on Earth are uniquely favourable for you to unite congenial souls into a group and make Shift from one dimension into another in the group.

It is the congenial souls that your attention is being drawn to and they don’t necessarily have to be your family members.

Sometimes they can be strangers attracted to you by vibrations that are identical to yours in pitch.

And nowadays all the Higher Powers of the Universe give you a helping hand.

You notice the casual way, like a dream, your useless connections pass away and you get new friends as if by magic.

It is certainly not by chance, my dear ones. This is the way you are assisted in coping with the fear of the unknown you are not aware of.

Regardless one’s spiritual level and theoretical background very few are able to make Shift into a new reality on one’s own, for man is supposed to live in groups.

One should love and be loved, share one’s knowledge, talents and abilities with other people making them happy and joyful and get love and affection in response.

This is what makes your life amazingly exciting, eventful and really fruitful.

In conclusion, I wish you patience and wisdom while communicating with people not imposing the idea of Ascension on those who are not prepared for Shift and not rejecting the ones who are on the very threshold of this remarkable event and are in desperate need of your assistance.

And I bless you for this, my dear ones!

Father – Absolute, who loves you without measure, has spoken to you.

Channelled by Martha on April 16, 2018

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