WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Independent civil position)

window-on-new-world-independent-civil-positionGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will consider the energy information component of people’s life who are at the fourth stage of the Revival of humanity.

The fourth stage is mass spiritual revival.

This category of people is quite large but, at the same time, of different vibrations.

The people who have overcome the third stage and, consequently, started to realize a new reality still feature vibrations of various levels so far.

That is why spiritual revival is experienced by each of them at their own speed.

As a rule, these people have their fourth and fifth chakras well developed now, as well as mental and causal bodies corresponding to them.

Due to this they are capable of self-analysis and understanding of cause-effect relations of events both in their own life and that of the whole planet.

And this is a huge step forward on the spiritual path of development this time.

These people do not lay the blame at somebody else’s door any more but try to see the cause of all the problems in an integrated manner analyzing the situation so as to understand what, when and why went wrong and if there is common people’s fault in the fact that they were deprived of freedom and made play according to others’ rules.

These people do not feature slavery psychology now, and in the picture there is moving the feeling of dignity that does not allow them to follow the authorities’ rules and regulations any more that do not match their own desire and understanding of the current events.

In case of many of them their inner spiritual revival is accompanied by the physical manifestation of their discontent.

It is them who go in the street for protest actions against the lawlessness of the authorities showing their independent civil position.

They are really concerned about their future and not only about its material aspect but the spiritual one as well: inner freedom and opportunity to be their own masters is the breath of life for them.

The majority of these people have managed to uphold their right not to take the experimental preparations under the big name of “vaccine” even at the expense of losing job and refusing a lot of their civil privileges.

These people systematically and meticulously search for and find the evidence of the things they know and feel themselves in the alternative sources of information.

It is impossible to impose others’ opinion on such people or make them act disregarding their Soul’s choice.

Their energy information field is getting larger and larger every single day absorbing true information and high vibration energies that convey self-respect, self-sufficiency, dignity, the right to be one’s own master and the desire to get at the heart of the matter whatever it takes – to the root of the events now in progress on Earth.

And this mass revival of humanity is in full swing now advancing in scale every day thereby making the fall of the deep state’s marionettes closer that are still trying to accomplish their masters’ plans.

And the larger the number of such people becomes on Earth, the more saturated the energy information field of Earth turns with high energies from within now – at the physical level – from her inhabitants that have managed to make their Souls free from the “dungeon” of the third dimensionality.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on October 22, 2022.

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