WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Synthesis of experience and cutting-edge technologies)

window-on-new-world-synthesis-of-experience-and-cutting-edge-technologiesGreetings, my dear beloved children!

So as to make our talk on the relationships between man and woman in the worlds of higher dimensions finished, I would like to answer the questions that, as I know, worry many of you.

From the series of my previous messages some of you can receive the impression that I encourage you to come back to the past – to the good old days when everything was created by hand and so as to guarantee appropriate standards of life people had to work day and night.

It is actually not true.

In my messages about setting up communes, upbringing of children and relationships between man and woman I highlighted the energy components of all these processes that will be based on the Laws of the Universe and not on the third dimension world laws usual to you.

In other worlds, I encourage you to come back to the past in terms of energy rather than in terms of practice.

You are to restore the atmosphere that was charged with Love, Unity, Equality and Brotherhood at the dawn of humanity.

As for the material aspect of the life in the fourth, let alone the Fifth, dimension, it will undergo some kind of synthesis of the past experience and new cutting-edge technologies you already have and those that you will soon receive from the highly developed civilizations.

During the intermediate period of life in the fourth dimension, until you learn to create by power of thought and intention, you will have to use all technical facilities you have to make your life easier.

Yet, for everything to occur in a harmonious way, it is of great importance to reach a balance between the male and female principles both in the family and in communes.

It is essential for everyone to show not only their professional skills, talents and abilities but genuine – natural ones that your sexual identity is.

So, in any community each individual will contribute their energy share, which is as important as practical work.

Well, women will rely on male power in terms of psychological – moral – rather than physical aspect.

Having a strong man’s shoulder by their side they will render everything they do featuring quite another inner profile – energy and creative.

And the reason for this is the fact that it is naturally programmed: the male germ impregnating the female ovule facilitates the birth of a new life.

The same happens in everyday life and creative work: a true man always inspires a woman for creation of a wonderful “child” both in small and big.

In her turn, a true woman always inspires a man for “coups”.

In her presence he wants to be on his best behaviour and demonstrate his male consistency in any work or creative task.

This is the reason, my dear, why I pay so much attention just to these qualities of yours.

Everything that goes against nature – contrary to the genuine Divine creation – always conveys negative destructive energies, which you can witness at every turn.

That is why, the Ascension of your planet is at the same time the Ascension of your Soul – its original innate essence.

And your task is not only to keep it but also develop its best traits.

And there is one more thing I would like you to know: the star seeds that have embodied on Earth now came here in the hypostasis of theirs – male or female – that is the main – primordial – essence of their Soul.

And it is, certainly, not by chance.

Such Soul will not let be crippled under any circumstances depriving itself of Divinity and having moved to a higher dimension, it will develop its male or female principle that is originally typical of it as much as possible.

I bless you and love immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on March 15, 2023.

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