WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (To make conscious choice)

window-on-new-world-to-make-conscious-choiceGreetings, my dear beloved children!

I know that some of you are concerned with the question whether it is possible to reach the Unity of Soul and Conscience for an owner of two souls one of which is human and the other belongs to one of low vibration civilizations.

As a matter of principle, it is possible but it requires much more effort than in case of a person of a pure Divine Soul.

For this it is necessary for the alien soul to leave the energy space of a human once and for all.

Why do many people fail to get rid of the other soul?

The reason, before all, is that it can be too hard to eradicate the qualities typical of this soul.

So, for example, being in the third dimension world people of a human and reptiloid soul often benefit from following the latter one because it feels in its element in the third dimension world.

Its law and order are to its liking and practicalness typical of reptiloids enables one to become a success in terms of material world.

As far as the human Soul is concerned, it is hard for it to compete with its “neighbour” because it, on the contrary, feels ill at ease in the world of the third dimension.

Practicalness, competition, selfish attitude to people and life in general is not typical of it, while purity and spirituality have become devalued in the modern society of consumerism since long ago.

That is why it is the human soul that often leaves and makes the reptiloid one a sole master of its physical medium.

The same can be said about the Orion soul too that in the force of its erudition and permanent strive for learning enables one to get up a career ladder successfully but at the same time “stems” a more sensitive and refined human soul.

As a result, the latter leaves the body having failed to get on with thus active neighbour.

Therefore, so as to save one’s human Soul one should, before all, be aware of the presence of two souls in one and acting on the premises of this make a conscious choice in favour of this or that soul.

And if one chooses the human Soul, one will have to change a lot in oneself: life style, mentality, behaviour.

Such person should advance to quite another level of vibrations – the one that will make existence of their low vibration soul next to the Divine human Soul unbearable.

They should also be prepared for their financial condition to suffer meanwhile.

But all this will be temporary hardships since the one who “has won a Dragon in oneself” will never be left in trouble.

All the Forces of Light will give them a helping hand delighted with their courage and power of Spirit.

Now on Earth there has arrived absolutely unique period when the Forces of Good and Evil have entered a crucial hand-to-hand battle not only on the planet in general but in the energy space of many of her inhabitants – owners of two souls.

And only those who will be able to drive out their other low vibration soul will manage to make transition to the fourth and then Fifth dimension.

Sometimes it occurs indeliberately in case of the people of a very mature and pure human soul that has chosen thus dangerous experience as neighbourhood with a low vibration soul for its present incarnation.

But such occasions are very rare.

I have told you about this, my dear, to make the picture complete but I recommend you not to get obsessed with the searching for the other soul in yourselves but to go on with your spiritual work on purification of your conscience from all the negative energies and programmes of the third dimension world.

It will be enough to guarantee that even if you had such a soul it would leave your energy space by all means being unable to withstand the energies of thus high vibrations.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on February 7, 2023.

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