WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Brightness of life perception)

window-on-new-world-brightness-of-life-perceptionGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will move on to a new topic that is directly connected with the previous one – abolishment of the old power system and development of the new society of the Fifth dimension.

And now I would like to talk to you about what you can take with you to the new Earth from your life in the third dimension.

While most attention in my messages was concentrated on the imperfection of the third dimension world, now we will dwell on what good things it also featured.

To start with, duality always implies two sides of one and the same notion, event and worldview.

Even any thought or emotion of the third dimension person always presupposes its opposite.

This is exactly the reason why your joy is so often changed by grief, generosity – by stinginess, kindness – by anger and love – by hatred.

It has even become manifested in your language.

Remember such expressions as “There is a thin line between love and hate”, “No joy without alloy”, “Misfortunes tell us what fortune is” and many more that convey the foreseeing of changes in emotions, moods, life situations.

Why have such expressions arisen?

Not accidentally, of course, since duality itself is embedded in the conscience of the third dimension world person.

When you are happy, you are scared in advance that it will not last long and sadness will interfere with your life.

When you love someone you are afraid of losing them as a result of which you cannot relax completely and simply enjoy the company of a close person.

In other words, the fear to lose what you have hangs over you like a sword of Damocles and it makes no difference whether it is a material thing or a spiritual one.

Few on Earth of the third dimension manage to live happily and light-heartedly always being at the moment of here and now.

And even if you come across such a person, by the people around they are sometimes treated as weak-minded, thoughtless, strange – shortly, as “a white crow” among usual people.

Well, it is actually only “strange” people like these who can be really happy since their conscience totally lacks fear.

The greatest secret is, my dear, that it is fear that rules the dual world of the third dimension.

It is its foundation, its philosophy and even religion.

“So, what positive features can be found in such a world?” – you can ask me.

And I will answer: “Brightness of life perception”.

It is only through contrast that all the depth of feelings, both positive and negative, can be experienced.

Remember what happiness overwhelms you after a streak of bad luck and, on the contrary, what abyss of despair you fall into after a streak of good luck in your life all of a sudden finding yourselves on the brink of a precipice having fallen on your face in private life, career or finance.

Your emotions reach the degree of concentration that they in the direct meaning of the word “go off-scale”.

As a matter of fact, it is both good and bad at the same time.

We have already mentioned a lot of times with you that any excessive emotions – positive or negative – feature low vibration energies.

High vibrations are typical of only human condition that is harmonious and well-balanced in all respects.

Yet, so as to reach such condition, it is necessary to learn the limits of all kinds of emotions, too.

And it is in the dual world of the third dimension where humans can gain such invaluable experience and where they “play on the swings” getting from one emotional state into another one.

And this is the brightness of life perception like this but in a balanced form that corresponds to a high level of vibrations that you can well take along with you to the new Earth of the Fifth dimension.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 5, 2023.

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