principle-of-dominoGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to draw your attention to that in August there comes another stage of Transition and this time it will show more apparently at the physical rather than subtle level.

It has resulted from the fact that the critical mass of the revived part of your planet’s population has managed to get off the ground the things that have been accumulating for a long but remained “behind the scenes”.

During August there will occur significant geopolitical changes on your planet that will make all the defects of modern society even more obvious, the ones that date back to remote past.

It is possible to say that it is right now when the apogee of the struggle between the Forces of Light and Dark on Earth is arriving and their representatives embodied as humans are coming out of shade and starting acting openly.

To a great extent it is also facilitated by the high vibration energies that are arriving at your planet now that influence not only human conscience but the events on Earth as well – political, economic and military.

How can these energies influence the events?

Indirectly, of course, through total energies of certain people or, to be exact, of their consciences.

So, even those far from politics but who have managed to see the genuine essence of those at the helm of the world can subconsciously create the intention to abolish the old system of power of such a potential that it will literally start shattering.

Such influence’s effect gets intensified manifold if one is guided not only by evident facts but also the vision of the inner essence of people and most often NONhumans who wield power being embodied as humans.

The very fact that these creatures are disclosed and cannot hide behind the bodily cover they have borrowed from humans takes the wind out of their sails.

It came as a great surprise for them that people have succeeded in figuring out of their plans on annihilation of humanity anyway, no matter how hard the Dragon reptiles tried to put “a halo” of care for the planet’s population’s needs to them.

For many people a powerful thrust for revival has become the haste with which globalists want to give an official status to their projects on debauchery of the youth.

After the plans on early sexualization of children and making pedophilia legal have been formed into official international and governmental documents, a lot of parents and teachers started to sound the alarm.

But, as you know, one suspicion always breeds another.

And now one by one there will also begin to get opened other “abscesses” of the criminal plans of the deep state that just not long ago by many people were treated as conspiracy theorists’ fantasies.

So, the “green agenda” that was so thoughtfully cherished by the deep state will crumble to pieces as a farfetched and unsound problem despite all the efforts of globalists to show the consequences of “global warming” to the whole world.

There has accumulated too much evidence of man-made origin of abnormal “natural” disasters on Earth and soon they will be laid open for public inspection.

Perhaps, many of you feel the way the energy space of your plane has changed.

It is literally “electrified” with the energies of confrontation.

Therefore, an explosion is inevitable and in all the spheres of your life at that.

Try to take it fully armed: spiritually and physically.

Every minute remember that this explosion is integral part of the process of the Ascension of Earth.

Such a complicated scenario of Ascension was being “written” by people themselves day by day since the inertia of their conscience was too strong, the transformation of which has taken much more time than it was expected from the very beginning.

So, take it as unavoidability and not looking back move further on doing your best at the last stage of Transition to “adjust” the scenario of the Ascension of Earth and speeding up the denouement of the centuries-old confrontation of humanity and the Dragon reptiles who conquered your planet.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 8, 2023.

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