WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Intelligence, creativity, individual approach)

window-on-new-world-intelligence-creativity-individual-approachGreetings, my dear beloved children!

So as to round up with the talk on upbringing and education of children, I would like to dwell on one more aspect of them.

Keeping in mind that it is your children who are to develop a new society on the Earth of the Fifth dimension, do your best to reveal their talents and natural bents so as to develop them as much as possible.

Do not hope that someone else will do it for you since at present the educational system in most of the countries of the world is based on the approach to education that is just the opposite.

In state schools they try to reduce children “to a common denominator” bringing up the very grey mass that is easy to control.

This is exactly the reason why heedful parents look for alternative schools with a different approach to upbringing and education or transfer them to home education so as to have their finger on the pulse of what their child studies and adjust their education themselves.

The main thing that should be taught to a child is to think for themselves and make their own decisions that are not imposed by anyone.

This is what makes conscious people different from controlled ones who are in the majority on Earth now.

Only a person capable of consideration can become the Creator of their reality and approach whatever they get down to in a creative way.

And it is not by chance that the words “creator” and “creativity” are of the same root.

Just as of the same root are the words “servility” and “service”.

Now when you are at the very threshold of the fourth and then Fifth dimension society, from childhood you should make your children used to the idea that they are to create and not work.

And creation requires a level of conscience corresponding to this.

And while the conscience of an elderly person is almost impossible to change, children’s conscience is very flexible and easily modified.

Therefore, it is so significant for a child to grow in a corresponding environment from an early childhood.

If you have no time to deal the upbringing or education of your children yourselves but you understand how important they are, search for like-minded people among other parents.

Find talented teachers that hold the views similar to yours and start your own groups and even educational establishments not being led by state schools if you see that they cripple your children’s conscience and psyche.

And of special importance now is individual approach to every child so as to reveal their talents and bents and make groups and classes of children with major subjects being most interesting to them.

This is the only way to raise creative personalities and true experts in professions.

Yet, the main feature of upbringing of the new generation children should become complete absence of competitiveness and rivalry.

From an early age train in your children the desire to help others, share experience and knowledge with them, support them in failure instead of the desire to be notable or boast of their progress, which is so typical of the dual world.

Only this way, gradually changing children’s conscience from dual to unipolar, it is possible to bring up the new Earth’s inhabitants who are to develop society on quite distinct principles – those of Unity, Equality and Brotherhood.

And it should be done right now not being postponed to the future that can come much faster than you imagine.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 4, 2023.

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