transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-emotional-purificationGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will continue the conversation about the etheric body of a person and move on to the practical part of working with it.

Since in the third dimension the etheric body is directly connected with the emotional, mental and causal bodies that supply it with the “material” which it is formed from, we will dwell on its interaction with each of these bodies in more detail.

And we will start with the emotional body that corresponds to your third chakra, while the etheric body corresponds to the second one.

This time we will consider the interaction of these bodies and the subtle sense organs corresponding to them that are the chakras, in terms of the formation of a new light crystal human body.

Now this is of particular importance, since the transformation of your bodies cannot happen ONLY due to new energies and the help of the Higher Powers.

Your own participation in this process is one of the main components, since in this way your Free Will and desire to change the physical body to that state that will allow it to move with the Earth into the Fifth Dimension will be manifested.

Now I will give you a practice which  helps you deeply purify your etheric body from all accumulated in it inharmonious emotions which have been supplied to it throughout your life by the emotional body which is the “repository” of your emotional outbursts.

We will call this practice “Emotional Purification”.

To do this, you need to plunge into a fairly deep meditation.

So, call on all your Heavenly helpers, relax completely and breathe deeply for some time.

Then try to see your etheric body and examine it in detail – each of its organs, bones, muscles, skin, circulatory system …

Ask to show you all its weaknesses and flaws.

Someone may not see, but feel at the physical level those organs that are unhealthy respond to your call.

It can be tingling and even sharp pain, hot or cold flushes, and maybe vibration in this or that part of the body.

Everyone will get a manifestation of it in one’s own way.

One who has clairvoyance can receive verbal clues from Higher Self or Heavenly helpers.

One way or another, but you must feel your body respond to your call, and determine what is wrong with it, where there is already a problem, and where it is only beginning.

But remember that you are talking not with the physical, but with the etheric body in which the disease can only arise, and it is quite possible that it has not yet descended to the physical level.

And as soon as you feel the signals of your etheric body for help, wholeheartedly ask it for forgiveness for the suffering that you caused  it willingly or unwillingly with your negative emotions.

And then ask the Energy of the Supreme Creator of the Universe and all your Heavenly helpers to heal the organ that took over your emotional “blows” – to dissolve all the negative energies accumulated in it.

Feel this sick organ basking in the Divine energy of Love, how good and calm it is …

It gets rid of pain, begins to glow joyfully, each of its cells is renewing, rejuvenating, as if it was born again …

And, which is most important, my dear ones, promise to it that from now on you will remember of it every minute, every second of your life and no longer make it suffer because of your thoughtless emotional “bombardments” that destroy your perfect Divine organism.

Perhaps you need to do more than one such meditation.

Take your time – carefully work through your entire etheric body.

Remove all negative ties between the etheric and emotional bodies so that henceforth only the Energy of Love will unite them.

I bless you and love you endlessly!

Father-Absolute spoke to you.

Channeled by Marta on 24 June 2019

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