resurrection-of-humanityGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today on the orthodox Easter eve I would like to summarize the recent events taking place both on Earth and at her subtle level.

In spite of the fact that it seems to you there are little changes so far, the most horrible things are over now.

There has occurred the very quantitative overbalance of consciences of ancient human souls that are embodied on Earth now in favour of Light.

It is not noticeable so far because most of Earth’s population is still under control of the deep state that has overwhelmed all the mass media.

Yet, it is essential to understand that what is at issue in this case is just human souls whose percentage is far less on Earth than that of low vibration creatures embodied as humans and, moreover, what should be taken into consideration is the fact that in recent decades there have appeared a huge amount of clones on Earth.

The representatives of the deep state being aware that human conscience is out of their reach have staked at clones who they made flock all the countries of the world and especially European countries, with a lot of pure light human souls being incarnated there.

This is exactly the reason for the absurd immigration policy being made by these countries’ governments whose members are mostly protégés of the deep state.

The intrusion of hundreds of thousands of foreigners, with huge numbers of clones being among them and their conscience being controlled by their creators, is disastrous for highly developed countries with their unique culture, traditions and national character.

All this arouses incredible chaos – energy, physical, moral, and results in decrease of vibrations of the country in general and its citizens in particular who are living in the unceasing energies of fear and irritation.

Thereby reptiloids are trying to keep human conscience at their level being aware of the fact that with Earth’s vibrations increase the conscience of pure human souls is also changing and, consequently, they get out of their control.

Yet, they have failed to win over those who have incarnated on Earth in such unique time for her rescue.

Star seeds have taken root and led the way of the others – those who have managed to break free from the third dimension matrix and understand what is actually going on their planet and who hold sway over it.

This is these ancient souls who convey true information to you initiating protest actions, setting associations for protection of population from authorities’ arbitrary decisions and make claims in international courts.

Due to them, there is in progress mass reviving of people, which is changing human collective conscience and creating some kind of Egregor of Revival at the subtle level.

And now it is growing larger spreading through whole countries and continents and forcing out collective consciences of low vibration creatures embodied as humans.

This new high vibration Egregor of Revival has resonated with Earth’s vibrations and those of Light Forces representatives who help you at the subtle level overcome the last barrier that separates you from getting into the Fifth dimension.

At the same time it symbolizes the free will of humanity to enter a new era and become full members of the galaxy family – some kind of “letter of credence” of the best representatives of Earth to their galaxy brothers who take the most active part in the final fight with the Dark Forces both in space and on Earth.

Thus, despite all the contrivances of your conquerors you have succeeded in accumulating the very critical mass of high vibration Divine conscience due to which the Ascension of Earth with her best representatives has become an irreversible process now and it will be gaining in scope with every single day.

I congratulate you on the victory, my dear, and let the bright holiday of Easter become the symbol of humanity Resurrection from the third dimension world that has had its days to a new wonderful world of the Fifth dimension.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on May 1, 2021.

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