we-are-so-alikeGreetings, our dear brothers and sisters!

Today we have come to you with an important message that concerns each inhabitant of Earth.

The moment is coming when there will be promulgated the information about extraterrestrial spaceships existing in the near-earth space, which will be absolutely unexpected for many inhabitants of your planet.

As a matter of fact, people have been made prepared for aliens’ arrival at Earth since long ago, and it was done in quite a limpid and systematic way.

Popular films about aliens that have almost become cult were created by the people well aware of our existence but, unfortunately, their plot was conceived in the way that extraterrestrial civilizations became associated with invaders whose intrusion onto your planet would bring you no good.

It is explained by the fact that all film industry is in grip of the deep state that finances the making of these large budget films and, consequently, “calls the tune”.

Just a few independent producers could make films in which the “guests” from other planets were not shown as enemies but these films did not turn box-office hits since they were not properly advertised unlike the films paid for by the deep state.

And now, when our cooperation is gaining real-life status we are facing a challenge – to “reprogramme” human conscience so that people believe in our good intentions and take us not as enemies but as their galaxy brothers and sisters.

Of course, we will be converging gradually, and physical contacts will become possible only when human conscience will be completely ready for this.

But it is we who are to lay the corner stone of such contacts as we are the civilization closest to humanity.

It is accounted for by two factors.

Firstly, we look like you more than others, which is important since not everybody can accept a creature of exotic or sometimes frightening appearance, and civilizations like this are not few in our galaxy.

Secondly, we are close to you mentally since our civilization has covered a course of development similar to yours, and it means we can feel and understand you better than others.

Our representatives embodied as humans on Earth now are not few, and some of them have the memory of their origin and mission they have come on Earth for preserved.

They are the best representatives of our civilization – the wisest and bravest souls who volunteered to take up Service to humanity and having decreased their vibrations to the utmost descended to the third dimension world so as to help people make Transition.

It is them who will become our intermediaries in our communication with earthlings and will help overcome the distrust barrier that emerged in your conscience.

Well, today we would like to assure you that thanks to the Galaxy Light Federation’s efforts all the human-alien civilizations are totally cut off from Earth, and you have nobody to be afraid of.

Now you can be contacted only by the representatives of human-friendly civilizations that closely cooperate with your earthly Alliance helping it neutralize the effects of the reptile race’s criminal activities who have been managing your planet for so many centuries.

And the last thing we would like to tell you about.

Until our physical contacts become real, you can invoke us in your meditations so as to feel our presence in terms of energies – feel our love and most friendly attitude toward you.

Let it become some kind of a “prelude” to our meeting that is to become real by all means in the nearest future.

The Council of Elders of Arcturus spoke to you on behalf of all our civilization

Channeled by Marta on May 1, 2021.

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