revolution-is-marching-on-the-planetGreetings, my dear earthlings!

My today’s message is addressed to those of you who are at the very threshold of Ascension and have to take only one step separating the third dimension world from the new high vibration space of the fourth and then Fifth dimension.

At first sight it may seem that I unjustly divide people into the revived and those fast asleep.

It actually happens because I am perfectly aware of the potential of each of you, especially now when vibration distinction becomes more apparent.

On December 21st there took place an eminent event in life of your planet that for some people passed totally unnoticed, while for others it had a great impact.

It is possible to say that the energy of Sun helped the “sprouted seeds” of human conscience root, while the “seeds” that did not manage to sprout are still in the “soil” – in the energies of the third dimension world.

And now it is especially conspicuous.

The whole year that is leaving was a durability test indeed, spiritual durability, first of all.

And not everybody has succeeded in passing it.

Your planet’s inhabitants with distinguished third dimension conscience have plunged into this third dimension world still deeper.

It was them who Dragon reptiles staked on trying to implement their inhumane plans on digitalization of all Earth’s population.

And only people who have travelled a long road of spiritual development have managed to withstand the opposition to the Dark Forces and lead other people’s way – those still hesitating and irresolute.

It is these light souls who carry on permanent work on enlightenment of people and disclosure of the truth about the current events on Earth.

And we are happy that the army of the light souls like this is getting larger with every single day.

We see that each of them is “on duty” just where they are needed.

While working someone lays emphasis on esoterism and spiritual knowledge, others on politics and social problems, still others on economic and financial issues or tell people the truth about the danger of vaccination and the pandemic artificially imposed on them.

Yet, it is essential that all this versatile work is based on the main postulate of the present day, that is the confrontation between the Good and the Evil on Earth, with all the future of your planet depending on.

It will not be an exaggeration to say that nowadays there is a revolution of a global scope in progress.

And, unlike all the previous revolutions in different countries of the world, this time an invisible enemy is being fought, the one common for all the countries and the continents.

It is hard for an average person to realize how dangerous and insidious this invisible enemy is.

So, only spiritually revived person can clearly and distinctly see all the external manifestations of this Evil whose “feelers” have penetrated every corner of your planet and all the spheres of your life.

Now it is of great importance, my dear, that other people see it too – that they fully realize there is no separation on Earth any more, either national, social or religious but there is one and only separation into the Good and the Evil.

So, it is high time for every inhabitant of Earth to decide on the side they are on – of the Light or the Dark Forces since you have no time left to think.

Earth has already entered the new era where only people ready to accept the new “game rules” will be able to exist, the ones based on the Laws of the Universe, not the dual world laws pernicious for people bringing them only pain and sorrow.

We see that in human souls the odds have become in favour of the Forces of Light and therefore our work is moving on to an active phase.

What will this work include?

Now we will provide comprehensive support to the leaders of the countries who have taken the side of the Light Forces and this support will enable them to ultimately suppress the opposition of the deep state that is still hoping to turn people into their dutiful slaves overwhelming their will and arising fear in them.

Believe us, our dear, we will not leave you in the lurch and on your planet the Good will win a full and final victory over the Evil.

Sincerely loving you,

Ashtar Sheran spoke to you on behalf of the Galaxy Light Federation

Channeled by Marta on December 25, 2020.

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