LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Taking the hint and finishing each other’s thoughts)

life-on-new-earth-taking-the-hint-and-finishing-each-others-thoughtsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will go on with the discussion of a new form of human communication, which is of great importance in the matter of building a unipolar society.

As long as you find more and more congenial souls you will understand that valuable communication does not take much energy or words.

Being at the same vibration wave, you will understand one another perfectly well just being by each other’s side – taking the hint and being quick on the uptake…

And it will become the first step to telepathic communication.

Why is it so important?

Before all, because of the fact that in the third dimension world, with heteropolar energies reigning, people make incredible efforts – physical, mental, energy – to render their “truth” comprehensible for each other.

Why do I put this word into inverted commas?

The only reason is that it is truth that they often try to conceal by their verbosity and sometimes it is the case that the things they consider to be true are, as a matter of fact, just their life experience.

Well, how will the communication occur in the new unipolar world of the Fifth dimension?

And what does “to be at the same vibration wave” mean?

So as to help you get a better idea of what people interaction mechanism in the unipolar world is, let us have a case study of the world that is still dual.

Let us consider a group of people for this or that reason gathered together. It can be friends, colleagues or extended family members.

You have probably noticed that after some time of being together they start dividing into small groups of two or three people.

Why does this happen?

The main reason for this is that by intuition people become being attracted to one another in terms of vibrations, that is, in terms of similar energies and life attitude.

Some are interested in politics, economy, culture, science, and some others are interested, for example, in spiritual knowledge.

It means people divide into groups according to their interests first.

Yet, within groups like this there also takes place energy stratification: some feel at ease with these people, while others feel like communicating with other people, that is, with those who share their point of view, not with those you have to prove your opinion to using too much energy and words.

Thus, even in the dual world one is intuitively attracted to the energy and issue to one’s heart.

Gradually in this company there appear some kinds of energy “enclaves” of similar energies.

Well, now imagine your Earth as a single energy “enclave” since all her inhabitants are at one and the same energy wave of Unconditional Love.

Of course, now it is an unachievable ideal for you but it is what you should strive for since it is the only energy that will little by little remain on the Earth of the Fifth dimension and, consequently, only people who will resonate with it will be able to live on her.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on May 5, 2020.

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