crucial-battle-between-good-and-evilGreetings, our dear earthlings!

At this moment critical for you we would like to support you and add our vision of the things taking place on your planet.

Just as all human-friendly civilizations we are carefully following the recent events on Earth since it is them that determine the course of history at present.

We see how few are people who take the mission of the great Slavonic country with sympathy and understanding.

The determining battle of Good against Evil is being represented to humanity in a perverted manner, with all the notions being substituted and facts being misinterpreted, as a result of which liberators become aggressors in people’s eyes and criminals become heroes.

Of course, it is not by chance.

It is only like this – through chaos, confrontation and present world leaders’ remarks being brought to the point of absurdity – that it was possible to ultimately reveal their essence.

Believe us, dear, it is the last agony of the Dark Forces on Earth indeed.

The great Slavonic nation has managed to prevent a global catastrophe since the shadow government was planning not just to unleash another war but to commit a gross crime against the whole humanity.

For several decades at the territory of Ukraine there were developed and tested on this country’s citizens forbidden types of weapons: psychotronic and biological ones.

And wide application of them was already planned in other countries and, first of all, in Russia.

Fortunately, this crime of a universe scale indeed was prevented on the very first days of the military operation in Ukraine.

This is the reason for the hysteria of the universe scale again for the part of the shadow government’s marionettes who are trying with all the means available to conceal the traces of their crimes redirecting the public’s attention to the so-called “Russian aggression”.

Yet, they have failed to conceal the truth from people, as well as to slander those who have interfered in their appalling plans.

Soon everything will get sorted out, and the truth will triumph.

While we and representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations friendly to you are monitoring the course of events in this region so as to secure you and in case of discharge of any harmful substances into atmosphere to neutralize them at once which we have done a lot of times before.

Try not to get emotionally involved into the things in progress in this country so as not to breed negative energies that are in plenty there anyway.

Always remember that those who are not ready to live on the new Earth will leave it sooner or later, while those who are destined to make Transition will get there by all means even if it happens to some of them through their physical death.

And it is especially true about the people who gave their lives for humanity rescue.

Send the brave warriors all your Love and support.

Dissolve with Light all the negative energies holding sway over the region of the hostilities.

Help to make closer the great victory of the Light Forces over the Forces of Dark.

And do know that we are always there for you and ready to lend you a helping hand at short notice.

The Council of Elders of Sirius spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on March 6, 2022.

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