liberation-warGreetings, my dear earthlings!

Today I have come to you as the commander-in-chief of the space fleet of human-friendly civilizations.

And I would like to share my vision of the current military conflict that attention of all Earth’s inhabitants is focused on.

All the hysteria, lie and hatred in respect of Russia that the so-called “developed countries” are seized with are accounted for by the fact that Russian people have managed to change the scenario written by the deep state.

The plans of the remains of the world government were so horrible that could have annihilated humanity as a species.

But, luckily, they were known to the authorities of Russia too – the part of them that globalists failed to submit.

These honest and brave people passed just one step ahead of globalists thereby saving not only themselves, the Ukrainian nation but the whole humanity too.

I would like you to know that this war unleashed on your long-suffering Earth is a Liberation one.

This is the reason why glorious Russian warriors have been showered with all the undisguised hatred and aggression by globalists and their marionettes in the government of many countries’ as well as in the mainstream media.

Right now both in Ukraine and in the international information space the game is being played not according to the rules, not only against the Laws of the Universe but even against the basic laws of the third dimension world.

Discrimination and separation are apparent in everything.

Thus, any kind of crimes – financial, political, humanitarian – are neglected when there are at issue globalists’ henchmen, while the desire to liberate people from neofascism and globalism bringing people so much sorrow is being represented as crimes and aggression.

We see the energy chaos that is holding sway over Earth now, the skillful way reptiloids are playing off one group of people against the other feeding on the energy of suffering, fear and hatred to each other.

We see them stirring up this suffering at the Ukrainian land allowing neonazies to use people as a live shield.

We see them distorting facts, telling lies at every corner passing the desirable for reality.

We see the cruelty they are treating the captives with and gloating over their victims suffering.

But we also see the complicated, really intricate military operation that Russian warriors are trying to carry out reducing casualties to the minimum.

We see them suffering from the fact that Ukrainian people do not understand the aims and goals their commanders set for them.

War is war and whatever the aims it has, it is not easy for common people to understand what is happening when military operation is in progress, when their life is at risk.

It takes time for them to be able to look at what happened from aside, calmly and impartially to finally realize that it was not a war against the Ukrainian nation but the Great Battle for liberation of humanity – war of Good against Evil.

And the fact that this war is being made at the territory of Ukraine is not by chance, of course.

The condition for the Light Forces’ final victory over the Dark Forces is the reunion of the great Slavonic nations featuring the Gene of God in its original form.

It was well known to the Dragon reptiles who are trying to stay at the helm just by playing off these nations’ representatives against each other.

Having the true knowledge of the history of Earth that they have been carefully concealing from people for millennia, they are trying now, taking advantage of this knowledge, to save themselves ruining the Divine “seeds” – the best representatives of humanity.

But we and you, our dear, are supporting you in this crucial battle for the liberation of Earth.

We ask you to be mindful and not to breed negative energies that are being provoked by now ex-“masters” of the world.

They have lost, and their hatred to the Russian nation is the very agony of the wounded beast that is at last to pay the bill, which will happen in the nearest future now.

Sincerely loving you,

Ashtar Sheran spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on March 4, 2022.

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  1. Chad says:

    It is amazing how limited our vision is on Earth. Thanks to our celestial friends and Father Absolute we are able to have a peak into the reality of the situation on Earth. Thanks Marta for delivering those insights to us.


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