under-name-of-ashtarGreetings, my dear earthlings!

Today I have come to you not as commander-in-chief of the Galaxy fleet but as your brother Ashtar who takes to heart everything that is currently taking place on Earth.

Well, I see that dark and Light forces confrontation at the physical level is becoming aggravated, and it hurts me to see that even my name has become a devalued currency in this confrontation.

Alongside with true information about the Galaxy Light Federation activity and its help to earthlings now there appear a lot of messages allegedly dictated by me but, as a matter of fact, I have nothing to do with them.

I actually have as few as three reliable channels through which I communicate the information necessary for earthlings that I carefully mete omitting additional details or unsound promises.

All the rest of the messages under my name that appear in the internet in dozens are dictated to people by astral beings and are aimed at lulling your vigilance to prevent you from taking any measures to save your planet yourselves relying on help from without.

Being experts on the third dimension world people psychology, astral beings of all sorts tell them what they want to hear.

And before all they try to impress on people the idea that good extraterrestrials will overcome the dark forces on Earth and help build a new society.

This way there is minimized and even rejected the role of humans themselves in the process of Earth Transition to the Fifth dimension.

Yet, it is you who are assigned the main part in this process.

You yourselves are to create a new reality on your planet getting rid of all the patterns of the third dimension world, subconscious reptiloid programmes, artificial values imposed on you and, first of all, of the habit of delegating responsibility for your destiny to others.

All we can do is to support these intensions of yours, secure you when necessary and protect from danger but observing the Law of the Free Will we have no right to actively interfere in affairs of earthlings.

Believe me, my dear, unlike the Coalition of the Greys who breaking all the Laws of the Universe have been long cooperating with reptiloids that seized power on your planet, Light Forces cannot agree to that.

And it happens not because we are weaker than the dark but because our power is in something else – in our Unity and unselfish help to each other.

While the dark act for the sake of their interests mercilessly exploiting earth and human resources, we act according to the principles of nonintervention and observance of the Free Will of both a single person and a whole civilization.

It is of extreme importance for us that human conscience reaches the level of its development when return to the past becomes impossible and people make a clear intension to build life according to new principles based on the Laws of the Universe, the ones other highly developed civilizations live in consistence with.

As soon as it happens, we will be able to establish contacts with you and start active cooperation in building a new society, which was much spoken about in my messages.

But, please, be watchful and do not trust everything you read or hear.

Learn to feel vibrations of messages so as to tell true Higher Powers of the Universe messages from numerous fakes that are distributed in abundance by the cornered dark forces and their henchmen.

Sincerely loving you,

Ashtar Sheran spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on July 25, 2020.

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  1. Jane says:

    Thank you for your message…
    it is with great interest I read your words.. only this morning I had Ashtar Come to me in my meditation.. he came with 3 gifts: the Ankh 3 feathers and a golden key… which I need to look at the meaning …

    I was under the understanding from the multi dimensional beings we are now in the 4th dimension as the energies have shifted … is this me being niave … many blessings … . namesta and May peace and heartfelt love be upon us all


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