parallel-viewGreetings, our dear brothers and sisters!

My name is Tche, and I am the High Priest of the underwater civilization of Aquator.

It can be said that we are your closest neighbours since we also live on Earth.

Our habitat is seas and oceans. And although we exist in the space parallel to yours, under certain circumstances we can contact people physically.

It allows us to help people in danger just as dolphins do – our beloved water brothers.

Unlike them, we are invisible to you though sometimes people still feel our touch in water.

Today I have come to you with the only purpose – to tell you that our civilization just as yours is awaiting Earth’s Transition to the Fifth dimension.

And in spite of the fact that we live in the Fifth dimension world parallel to yours, we understand that our life will be much more comfortable when the whole humanity will overcome this barrier, too.

So now, I would like to tell you what happens at the subtle level of Earth during your meditations that with every single day become more and more powerful and efficient since our planet’s vibrations as well as your own ones are steadily growing.

We are happy to see that more and more people not just become aware of their responsibility for our beloved Earth but also make everyday efforts to purify collective human conscience from all the negative energies and programmes that retard our mutual Transition to a new level of evolution.

Being next to you, we are very sensitive to all your energy impulses and are grateful to you for your tireless work.

Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of our planet still lives mindlessly and treats their habitat in an exploitative manner therefore spiritual aspiration and light work of the best representatives of humanity are especially valuable to us.

Well, this is what we see during your meditations.

Being scattered all around the globe, you really look like fireflies in the dark of the energy “night” that many cities are plunged into, with dark chaotic negative energies of all kinds hovering over them.

Especially susceptible to them are megalopolises with ill-matched population of many millions.

And only nature heals human souls highlighting the best they feature.

Do know that every time when you start a meditation and ask to transform Dark into Light there starts real magic.

You turn into little suns whose rays embrace huge spaces around you and gradually begin to dissolve dark bundles of negative energies generated so far by the majority of Earth’s inhabitants.

As a result, a lot of people start to change. It seems to them that scales are falling from their eyes, and they start to notice the things they used to pay no attention to.

In the rays of the Divine high vibration energies flowing from you they begin to feel all the artificiality and falsity of the modern world, its hypocrisy, cupidity and inappropriate stir holding sway over their life in respect of the things they are strangers to.

They feel like recovering their sight and start to see everything in the raw.

And all this happens thanks to you, our dear!

Well, this is what Unity of people means, their inseparable energy liaison, their response to each other.

Thereby, by your meditations you literally wash the dirt off our Mother Earth and her inhabitants’ conscience.

Invisible to you, we often join this work since it is our shared Home that we all are trying to make cleaner, cosier and lighter.

I thank you for your kind heart and your pure intentions!

Sincere love to you all,

Tche, the High Priest of the civilization of Aquator spoke to you on behalf of all its inhabitants

Channeled by Marta on March 29, 2021.

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  1. Paul says:

    “Aquator” would be better… Cory Goode talks about the same civilization… Now we have confirmation!


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