no-extraterrestrial-invasionGreetings, dear earthlings!

Today we would like to suggest a project of collaboration to you.

At present there have simultaneously arisen several beds of tension on Earth that have not reached their summit yet.

In view of this all human-friendly extraterrestrial civilizations are doing some kind of duty monitoring the level of conflicts danger in respect of humanity that have arisen.

The causes for them to arise are well known to you that is why we will focus right away on the means used by your planet’s conquerors to achieve their goals.

Since the arsenal of tools for intimidation of Earth’ population has almost run out, they are going to resort to the last and safest option, from their point of view: announce the extraterrestrial invasion alien to humanity.

For this purpose they are going to use the technologies developed by the Greys that can project spaceships holograms to the air space.

They have been preparing humanity for this since long ago making dozens and even hundreds of films about intrusion of aggressive aliens to Earth.

Yet, a scenario of developments like this has always been saved as a reserve option – in case all the other means for humanity enslavement turn out inefficient.

So now, as long as an increasing number of people start to see and understand what is actually going on all around the globe and what the so-called “new world order” implementation plans lead to, the programme on its realization starts to run reluctantly.

So now there is under consideration this last option too so that in the face of a common “enemy” they pass the reins of government to the world top that will announce themselves as saviours of the planet and humanity.

With respect to this we declare with all responsibility that no human-hostile extraterrestrial invasion is going to take place.

All these creatures are capable of doing is to perform a play for you that is aimed at sowing panic and fear in society.

Believe us, our dear brothers and sisters: your Galaxy family – the representatives of all human-friendly civilizations – day and night keep watch at the near-earth orbit therefore in terms of the outer space no danger threatens you.

Yet, it does on Earth and it comes from the world government’s marionettes who on pain of death have to play their game up till the very end, which you can watch now everywhere.

That is why we suggest you should combine our efforts on neutralizing the negative actions aimed at people for the part of all the levels of power.

Such energy work is quite within the depth of those of you who know about the Transition of Earth to the Fifth dimension and do their best to bring this great event closer.

And this is what we suggest you should do for this.

As often as possible refer to the representatives of the Galaxy Light Federation and ask them to pass through you the combined high vibration energy of human-friendly civilizations’ representatives.

It will facilitate making it anchored on Earth immediately.

Such work can give a very fast effect since an embodied human being can not only make the energy that arrives from the subtle level concentrated as much as possible, but also direct it the necessary way.

As soon as you feel the current of this energy entering your crown chakra, make a clear intention for it to neutralize all human-hostile actions that originate from official and non-official figures at all the levels of power.

Feel this vigorous current that has taken in the combined energy both from the subtle and dense level of Earth sweeping away all the energy dirt that has accumulated on your planet preventing all evil intentions from coming to life.

We believe that our mutual efforts will be fruitful and will initiate our cooperation.

The Council of Elders of the Pleiades Constellation spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 13, 2022.

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