WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Synchronization of conscience and physical body)

window-on-new-world-synchronization-of-conscience-and-physical-bodyGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Now we will be leaning to synchronize conscience and the physical body.

But you should start with that to advance your conscience to the maximum level of vibrations.

It is extremely important since then you will be pulling your physical body up to the level of your conscience, not decreasing your conscience level to the physical body’s vibrations.

If you master the practice Merkaba of the fourth dimension, it will be enough now to identify and, which is more important, to maintain the range of vibrations that does not let you fall out of the fourth dimension space.

And even if your vibrations are not stable so far simply remaining within the “permitted limits”, it will be great progress on your spiritual development road anyway.

And this is how you can identify these limits.

Try to catch your conscience etalon condition that grants you with harmony and peace of mind, emotional aloofness and uninvolvement in respect of the events taking place around you.

You are a wise onlooker, not a judge.

And your spiritual tranquility amidst the chaos reigning all over is not indifference or thoughtlessness but profound understanding of inevitability for one evolution cycle of your planet to finish, another one to start and for both of them to run being accompanied by shocks.

You see and feel the Dark getting thicker before the Dawn and let the process of Transition run at the speed and quality that are predetermined from above and that, no doubt, feature the greater good of all.

You understand perfectly well that whatever cruel the scenario of Transition may seem, it is not accidental and results from the indifference of the majority of the planet’s population, their servility and obedience in respect of the ruling top.

You are not searching for those to blame in the outer world but are well aware of the fact that everything in progress is shared responsibility of all the humanity and the result of the present-day level of collective human conscience vibrations.

You are doing your best to change the situation for the better both physically and in terms of energy.

You are doing practices and meditations to support yourselves, Earth and humanity.

You are trying to revive the conscience of the people around you communicating true information to them and filling them with the energies of high vibrations.

Yet, meanwhile, you do everything you can to stay within the limits of high vibrations that you have fixed in any situations even the least unfavourable ones from the point of view of the third dimension people.

To check and maintain your vibration limits you can use the same chakrometer again.

Check your level of vibrations with the help of it from time to time.

It should not go lower than the sixth chakra.

This is the chakra that is the boundary one between the third and fourth dimensions.

If your vibrations suddenly get down to the fifth chakra, you can resort to the practice Renewal of Merkaba so as to restore your light body and get back to the vibration height you featured before.

Do not neglect, my dear, these “safety rules”.

Let them become your new inner discipline that will help you get ultimately fixed at the space of the fourth dimension.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 9, 2022.

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