Ascension in Action (Vibrational Scale)

ascension-in-action-vibrational-scaleGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Let’s continue our conversation on the subject of how to tune on the vibrations of other people that we have discussed in my previous message.

For that, you need to imagine your body as a scale with the dividers at the levels of your chakras.

Of course, this practice will be suitable only for those of you who have mastered a skill of sensing your own chakras, and I know there are quite a few people like that already.

To be able to test how your “scale” is working, close your eyes and listen to each chakra in succession.

Feel their vibrations.

When all human chakras are harmonized, their vibrations should not be different from each other, because they all form one energy system.

Fully balanced chakras vibrate at one rhythm.

If you feel that one of your chakras is getting out of rhythm – it could speed up or slow down because the pulsations may be uneven – then you need to work with this chakra.

Get into a meditative state, summon your Heavenly helpers and the energy of Creator, then ask to dissolve all the negative energy accumulated there and to tune it on the same frequency as the other chakras.

But the most important thing is to understand why it has happened, what exactly has caused the imbalance of this chakra.

Ask your Higher Self to show you the reason in meditation or in your dream.

It is very important, dear ones, because you already know, that without removing the cause of your sickness or any other inharmonious state, you cannot get rid of the unpleasant consequences.

Learn to conduct such a test every day to keep pure your subtle sensory organs, which are your vibrational scale – your main instrument for testing yourselves as well as people around you.

Why is it so important?

It is because you can discern the vibrations of another person clearly and correctly, only when your own vibrations are perfectly readjusted.

Then each of your chakras will become a sensitive “instrument,” that can register any variations from an average size in the chakras of another person.

But first you need to understand what is “an average size.”

It is such a level of vibrations which allows a person to shift from the Third to the Fourth Dimension, and then into the Fifth.

Before you start testing a person, you need to tune your “scale” on an average level of vibrations, sometimes by artificially lowering your own level. Otherwise, the gap between your own vibrations and the vibrations of other people will be too big and you will not succeed in determining their potential correctly.

But how can you come to such an average level?

Ask for help from your Heavenly helpers, and then imagine how the golden ray of the energy of Creator, coming from the center of the Universe, is going through all your chakras and connects you with the center of the Earth.

In such a way, you come into a resonance with the vibrations of the Earth, which are average at this time, because the planet attempts to create a unified energy space for all the inhabitants of the planet to prevent an excessive suffering for the people who are not ready for Ascension.

Let’s stop here for today.

Your Father – Absolute, who loves you without measure, has spoken with you

Channelled by Marta on April 6, 2018

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