TRANSITION TO THE FIFTH DIMENSION (The interaction of the etheric and physical bodies)

transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-the-interaction-of-the-etheric-and-physical-bodiesGreetings, my dear beloved children!

To continue my yesterday’s message, I would like to tell you about ways for speeding up the process of creating your Divine matrix.

And today we will put our focus on the energy interaction of the physical and etheric bodies of man.

As you already know, the etheric body is the exact twin of your physical body with the only difference that it is not manifested externally, that is it is invisible for you.

The etheric body can be compared with the “center of processing” of all your thoughts and emotions, and some of them depending on their quality, then appear in the physical body in the form of a dysfunction of one or another organ.

Most people, obsessed with the passions of the third dimension world, have the etheric body so polluted that it corresponds to a dark silhouette, tightly adjacent to the physical body.

And as a rule, such a person suffers from a whole “bunch” of various diseases.

So, the negative energies emitted by them literally devour their bodies.

But since it is thoughts and emotions that determine the quality of a person’s etheric body, it is possible to change their direction, purify their etheric body, thereby healing their own diseases.

Perhaps this interconnection of physical and etheric bodies is the most striking example of the way the Laws of the Universe manifest themselves in human life.

And if a person from childhood absorbed spiritual knowledge and were guided by it throughout their life they could avoid so many tragedies and diseases.

But now unique time has come when the energies of the highest vibrations have come that the Universe itself, the Forces of Light and your star families send you to help.

Thanks to them, every awakened person, regardless of their age, is able to quickly and efficiently cleanse their etheric body from all the negative energies accumulated in it, so that it will help them get rid of many diseases acquired in their entire life, thereby having prepared their physical body for the Transition to a higher dimension.

But this will be accessible only to those who can completely clear their conscience from all negative programmes – to tune their “receiving-set” in such a way that they can now pick up only the Divine energy “waves”.

It is these waves that will gradually purify the etheric bodies of these people, and then their physical bodies will start purifying and transforming, being healed and regaining their strength, flexibility and youth.

My dears, try to apply this simple practice every time your “receiving-set” goes astray and picks up the “waves” of judgment, irritation, discontent, offence …

Imagine the tuning knob of this “receiving-set” in your heart chakra – in the Crystal of Love, and as soon as you feel that an unwanted thought or emotion has entered your conscience, turn this knob in your mind’s eye, aligning the “tuning” and catching the desired wave of Love and Gratitude.

Make this your habit, my dears, and let it become your lifesaver in everyday life which often provokes you to outbursts of negative emotions, thereby testing your Spirit and your ability to rise to the occasion even in the most difficult situations.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly Father-Absolute spoke to you.

Channeled by Marta on 21 June 2019

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