WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Law of Attraction influence on spiritual revival)

window-on-new-world-law-of-attraction-influence-on-spiritual-revivalGreetings, my dear beloved children!

And one more sign of the Fifth dimension in your life will be discussed by us today.

At issue will be the change of time parameters again, which has been noticed by many of you since long ago.

This time we will focus on the influence produced by such changes on the Laws of Universe according to which one lives irrespective of the dimension one finds oneself in.

And let us consider each of these Laws taken separately.

We will start with the Law of Attraction that was already mentioned about in my recent message.

It is perhaps this Law that enables to trace the most vivid manifestations of the Fifth dimension on your planet.

Let us remember and compare the way it used to work – at least ten years ago.

And we will consider it in the context of your spiritual revival.

Remember the year 2012 when a lot of people were expecting great and crucial events on Earth: some of them were expecting the end of the world and some others Ascension – depending on the knowledge they had at that moment.

Well, what actually happened in December 2012?

The expected Transition of the planet to a new stage of its development did occur but not the way it was supposed to.

It turned invisible for the former and the latter because it took place at the subtle level only.

As a result, the people who were expecting the end of the world calmed down and went on with their usual life.

While those who were expecting Ascension divided into several groups.

Some of them having become disappointed with the fact that events did not live up to their expectations deviated from the issue of Ascension, while some others whose belief was strong and whose intuition prompted that the things are still to come began to master the subject of Ascension even more thoroughly trying to get to the root of the things and understand the reasons for such a delay.

How did the Law of Attraction work in this case?

Before all, in accordance with vibrations and free will of each person.

The vibrations of those who were expecting the end of the world were low due to the fact that they were seized with fear for their life.

That is why they came back to their normal existence of the third dimension world with pleasure – the reality that corresponded to their vibrations and desire to leave everything as it is in their life.

While those who with all their heart and soul were striving for a new reality taking the third dimension world as the one that had had its days and failing to meet their desires and spiritual aspiration maintained their vibrations rather high.

And these people kept on moving towards the Fifth dimension.

As you see, both the former and the latter in compliance with the Law of Attraction find themselves in the reality – the energy space they chose themselves and that corresponded to their vibrations.

But it does not mean at all that the first group of people has no way back to Ascension forever and the people of the either group will make Transition by all means.

Life circumstances, new energies, as well as tireless work of the Forces of Light introduce some amendments to people’s destinies, as a result of which some people can revive almost immediately and others can fall down from the spiritual heights they have already reached.

Which has been the case during these recent years.

A lot of people who seemed to be absolutely unprepared for Ascension have revived, while those who had been moving to it for many years made an astounding fall down into the third dimensionality thereby cutting down the way to Ascension to themselves.

And now these processes are gaining in speed more and more not only thanks to the changes of time parameters but also because of the fact that now everything is becoming apparent – good and bad and it is becoming harder and harder for people to conceal their true colours.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on November 19, 2022.

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